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About Us


To establish the University of Cincinnati (UC) and affiliates as world class leaders in translational research on acute neurologic injuries, recognized for a unique approach to collaboration across a spectrum of related diseases and across clinical and basic sciences.


  • Establish a community and curriculum for collaboration and sharing of resources/expertise on the study of acute neurologic injuries across UC and affiliate institutions
  • Enable a team science approach to acute neurologic injury research by creating a virtual department and academic home that breaches traditional boundaries of departments/institutions, disease categories, and clinical vs. laboratory investigations
  • Leverage resources/expertise in acute neurologic injuries for increased research productivity, funding, and reputation
  • Discover mechanisms of acute neurologic injury and dysfunction and develop improved methods for diagnosis, protection, and treatment
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University of Cincinnati
Collaborative for Research on Acute Neurological Injury (CRANI)

231 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH 45267

Bradley Hinger
Program Coordinator