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Center for Addiction Research Investigators



Photo of  Shauna Acquavita, PhD, MSW

Shauna Acquavita, PhD, MSW

Associate Professor

Photo of  Jennifer Brown, PhD

Jennifer Brown, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Angela Clark, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE

Angela Clark, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE

Executive Director

Photo of  Caroline Freiermuth, MD

Caroline Freiermuth, MD

Assoc Professor - Clin

Photo of  Michael Lyons, MD

Michael Lyons, MD

Associate Professor

Photo of Jayme McReynolds

Jayme McReynolds

Asst Professor (F3)

Photo of Stephanie Merhar

Stephanie Merhar

Assoc Professor - Research Aff

Photo of  LaTrice Montgomery, Ph.D.

LaTrice Montgomery, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Photo of Brittany Punches

Brittany Punches

Asst Professor (F2)

Photo of  Teresa Reyes, PhD

Teresa Reyes, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD

Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD

Division Director

Photo of Scott Wexelblatt

Scott Wexelblatt

Assoc Professor - Clin Aff

Photo of  Christine Wilder, MD, MHES

Christine Wilder, MD, MHES

Associate Professor

Associate Members

Photo of  Chris Crutchfield, PhD

Chris Crutchfield, PhD

Asst Professor - Clin

Photo of Jennifer McAllister

Jennifer McAllister

Asst Professor - Clin Aff

Photo of Tomoyuki Mizuno

Tomoyuki Mizuno

Asst Professor - Field Svc Aff

Photo of  Erin Redle, PhD

Erin Redle, PhD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Photo of Jo El Schultz, PhD

Jo El Schultz, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of  Joel Sprunger, Ph.D

Joel Sprunger, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Jennifer Vannest, PhD

Jennifer Vannest, PhD

Associate Professor

Photo of Kimberly Yolton

Kimberly Yolton

Professor - Research Aff

Affiliate Membership

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