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A wide array of choices are available for thesis research projects. These research programs involve mechanistic and quantitative aspects of potential and established drug targets and development of new biotechnologies for high-impact disease interventions through the use of state-of-the-art biotechnology and pharmacological methods.

Student thesis projects may include mechanistic and quantitative analyses of: cardiovascular pharmacology; neuropharmacology; immunopharmacology; molecular pharmacology of proteins/enzymes; molecular biology of hormones and drug receptors; molecular biology and pathophysiology of ion channels, pumps and exchangers; contractile and regulatory proteins; cancer pharmacology; environmental toxicology; translational pharmacology; protein chemistry and structural biology; gene therapy; stem cell therapy; etc.

Research projects study a variety of disease models including those in transgenic and gene ablated animals, with studies performed to understand mechanisms of drug action from the level of single molecules to entire organisms.

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