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Student Wellness

Student Wellness Committee (SWC)

The mission of the SWC is to offer a system of academic, social, emotional and peer support to the students of UCCOM. The SWC comprises a faculty advisor and a committee of medical students. SWC members can be reached via email or phone at 513-301-0336 or The SWC yearly wellness activities include exam stress relief and quarterly, informal social hours with UCCOM students, faculty and staff.

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Wellness Resource Room

Practice mindfulness meditation, breath awareness, and mental concentration and focus with biofeedback programs intended to increase one’s ability to effectively manage stress and anxiety. The room is equipped with a massage chair, light therapy, aromatherapy, and meditation cushions. It is designed to promote a serene and calming experience where medical students can recharge, relax, and practice Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques.

Visit Wellness Room (PPT)

Schedule a 15 or 30 minute session in the wellness resource room

UCCOM Fun Days

The UCCOM Fun Days are the product of an anonymous donation from a generous UCCOM alum. These days are intended to give UCCOM medical students opportunities to take a break from school, have fun, and make connections with other students. 

Let's Talk

Let’s Talk is a program which provides easy access to clinicians from UC’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

This service is available for all UC students to consult with a mental health professional, learn about support services, and get referrals. Let’s Talk is free and confidential. Students can meet with a clinician for a brief 15-20 minute conversation.

No appointment is necessary. Clinicians will listen to your concerns and may offer support, information, and resources.

My MD to Be

Family support and social support improve your experience in med school BUT medical school can be isolating. You might have geographic distance from your friends and family; it is sometimes hard for others to understand what medical school is like; you may have little time or desire to try and explain what you are experiencing.

My MD to Be educates students' loved ones about what it's like to be a med student and explains the specifics of what the training and education involve. People in the students' support network receive educational resources by email every two weeks. Students will receive the same resource and choose who they want to include in their support network.

Student Wellness Retreats @ Turner Farm

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Student Wellness Retreats are inter-professional, experiential learning opportunities open to all Academic Health Center students.

Contact Kelly Lyle ( for additional information.

Click HERE to learn more/sign up for an upcoming retreat.

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