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Meet your Student Wellness Team

headshot - Ebunoluwa Falade

Ebunoluwa Falade

Student Groups: Chasing Medicine, SNMA Fundraising/ Event Planning Committee, SWC
Research Interests: Pediatric Health, Maternal Child Health, Social Determinants of Health, Community Health
Career Goals: I am interested in being a pediatric physician and plan on exploring different specialities during my time at UCCOM. As a physician I hope to intentionally serve and advocate for under-resourced communities wherever I practice and learn, as well as make efforts increase diversity and representation in the medical field.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Connecting with family and friends outside of medical school. Journaling regularly, making delicious home-cooked meals, and giving myself a day to rest and reset after exams!
Hobbies: Blogging, dancing, trying new restaurants.

Photo of Isaiah Giordullo

Isaiah Giordullo

Student Groups: Bearcat Mentors, Intramural Football, Psych MSSP, SWC
Research Interests: Psychiatry, Integrative Health and Wellness, Chronic Pain
Career Goals: I like Psychiatry, but overall I want to build lasting relationships with my patient population.
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Going to the gym, Playing video games on my computer, Breathing exercises, Taking time to destress at the end of the day.
Hobbies: Working out, Playing video games, Aquariums/Fish Tanks, Bonsai Trees, watching the NFL.

Lauren White Coat - Lauren Haack

Lauren Haack

Student Groups: Peds Club, MSLHE, SRFC, Med Mentors, UCCOM Chorus, Medical Symphony Orchestra, SWC
Research Interests: While I don't have any *specific* research interests myself, I've worked in basic cardiac and clinical endocrinology research, and am excited to work on a pediatric anesthesia clinical research study during my post-M1 summer!
Career Goals: I am trying to keep an open mind for all the great specialties and opportunities available, but I have a soft spot for children so I have a feeling I'll be working in pediatrics in some capacity, whether as a general pediatrician or in a more specialized area! I am also passionate about public health and advocacy, as well as working with the growing Spanish-speaking population in the US, so I'm excited to continue developing my skills and experiences in those areas during my time at UCCOM!
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Enjoying the outdoors; playing video games with friends; listening to my boyfriend sing and play guitar; and relaxing/slow stretch yoga (hello Savasana!)
Hobbies: Singing with UCCOM Chorus and playing French horn with Medical Symphony Orchestra; playing volleyball with fellow MedCats; and a newfound love for cross-stitching and embroidery!

IMG_2287 - Erin Herbert

Erin Herbert

Student Groups: Peds Club, Bearcat Buddies, SWC
Research Interests: Pediatrics: Endocrinology, Neurology

Career Goals: Pediatrics
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Taking a walk or run with music, Calling friends and family, Movie nights with friends
Hobbies: Trying new recipes, Running, Traveling, Reading

Christina Kuhrau - Christina Kuhrau

Christina Kuhrau

Student Groups: Women Leading Healthy Change, SWC
Research Interests: Women's Health and Intimate Partner Violence

Career Goals: OB-GYN
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Hot yoga, prioritizing sleep, making tea, going outside, listening to music, spending time with people I love, and taking lots of breaks
Hobbies: Distance running, Whole Foods/Trader Joe's hauls, reading, and trying new bars & restaurants!

Photo of Michael LaMonica Sexton

Michael LaMonica Sexton

Student Groups: SWC & IPJH
Research Interests: Undecided
Career Goals: Undecided
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Exercising
Hobbies: Hiking, Photography

Photo of Ermina Lee

Ermina Lee

Student Groups: Women's Health Medical Students Scholars; UCCOM QueerCats; AMA; Women Leading Healthy Change; Initiative for Poverty, Justice, & Health
Research Interests: Public Health & Policy; Patient-centered Outcomes; Transgender Health; Women's Health Career Goals: Undecided, but a specialty and eventual practice involving advocacy, research, and medicine
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Food; Animals; Forest Bathing (being outdoors); Meditation; Therapy!!!!
Hobbies: Food; Hiking; Art & Music; Travel

Alvin Mantey

Alvin Mantey

Student Groups: Men’s Health Club, SWC
Research Interests: Psychiatry of any regard, Therapy, Hallucinogenic drugs
Career Goals: Triple-Board Psychiatry
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Simply taking time off and doing something fulfilling
Hobbies: Playing soccer, writing music, dancing, watching a movie with some kettle corn

Jacob Meyer

Jacob Meyer

Student Groups: OSIG, Bearcat Mentors, SWC
Research Interests: Orthopaedic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Trauma
Career Goals: Orthopaedic Surgery
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Any form of exercise, taking long walks between studying, taking time to cook a nice meal, hanging with friends and family, watching The Office
Hobbies: Working out, playing golf, cycling (when it's warm out), watching the Premier League, binge-watching Netflix

Delaney Schrenk

Delaney Schrenk

Student Groups: Psych MSSP, WLHC, Ceramics
Research Interests: Psychiatric Longitudinal Care, Public Health
Career Goals: Psychiatric community medicine with wraparound care
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Intentional breaks throughout the day and being mindful to reach out when I get too stress-reclusive
Hobbies: Lifting, taking care of all my plants, cross-stitching, camping

IMG_2744 - Michael Shu

Michael Shu

Student Groups: Bearcat Mentors, St. Baldrick's, Geriatrics MSSP, SWC
Research Interests: Oncology, Virology, Bioinformatics
Career Goals: Undecided, but thinking something oncology related
Favorite Strategies for wellness: Exercise, talking to family/friends, going on walks, journaling
Hobbies: Running, sports, music, trying new foods

Olivia Zyniewicz

Olivia Zyniewicz

Student Groups: Med Mentors, Bearcat Barbell, Chasing Medicine, SWC
Research Interests: Sleep and headaches in pediatric neurology
Career Goals: Primary Care Physician
Favorite Strategies for Wellness: Having a regular sleep schedule and maintaining healthy social engagement!
Hobbies: Running, sand volleyball, learning to cook vegan meals




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