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Frequently Asked Questions


As a UC medical student, when can I conduct research / scholarly activity?

Most medical students conduct research / scholarly activity between their M1 and M2 academic years.  A smaller number conduct research during their M3 or M4 years (frequently as part of a research elective).  However, it is important to note that UC medical students can conduct research / scholarly activity at any time during their medical school years.

What types of research / scholarly activity are allowed?

Research / scholarly activity may include health outcomes research, educational research, laboratory research, and/or clinical research.  These experiences can be internal (UCCOM or CCHMC) or external and can be department-based, program-based, or one-on-one through a particular mentor.

Where can I learn more about local opportunities at UCCOM / CCHMC?

There are a number of internal research opportunities within the UCCOM and CCHMC that are maintained within a database that is updated regularly HERE.

Where can I learn more about external (non-UCCOM / CCHMC) opportunities?

External research and scholarly opportunities are maintained within a database that is updated regularly HERE.

Will I get paid for my research / scholarly activity?

Whether you receive funding for your research / scholarly activity depends entirely upon the programs in which you are most interested.  Many internal and external opportunities provide stipends to those accepted into the program.

How do I identify an appropriate mentor?

There are several ways to identify mentors within the UCCOM or CCHMC, including

Identifying a research mentor

UC Research Directory

Individual department websites that describe faculty research interests

How do I identify an appropriate project?

This is largely left up to the mentee and the mentor to discuss.  Some mentors will have specific projects in mind, while others will require significant input from the mentee.  To view example summer projects from 2018, see the identifying a scholar project list


When is the CommonApp deadline?

The Summer 2022 CommonApp is now open; it closes on Sunday, February 13, 2022, 11:59pm. Students applying for a co-director position or early consideration for intern positions with the Urban Health Project must submit their CommonApp no later than Saturday, February 13, 2022, 11:59pm.

Can I apply for multiple programs?

Absolutely!  Applying for multiple programs increases your likelihood of being accepted into a least one of them.

What happens if I apply for multiple programs and am accepted into more than one?

Since students can only participate in one paid research experience during the summer, it is the student’s responsibility to decline the other paid summer research program acceptances if this occurs.

Can I submit my application to the CommonApp without a mentor?

Nearly all summer experiences will require students to have made contact with a potential mentor prior to formally applying to a program(s).

Can I submit my application to the CommonApp without a specific project description?

For a small number of programs, the main question asked is “why would you like to participate in this experience?”.  Otherwise, a specific project description is an integral and required part of the overall application process.

What happens if I need to take off time during the summer for personal reasons?

This is a common occurrence and one that is typically discussed directly with the primary mentor and/or program director.

How will I get paid?

This is highly program-dependent but frequently involves direct transfer of the summer stipend into the student’s UCCOM account.

Where can I access SAS or other statistical software?

Statistical software can be purchased/downloaded HERE.

How do I get the required CITI / human subjects training?

Human subjects training may be required for summer projects, should be obtained through the University of Cincinnati, and are not transferrable from other institutions. The instructions for the training module is accessed @ Citi Registration and UC Affiliation Guide.

How do I register my protocol with the IRB and ensure its approval?

Students should work closely with their mentor to generate new IRB protocols and/or amend existing protocols to include the student’s summer work.  There are a number of steps in this process, and students and their mentors should plan accordingly.  Contact information for the UC Institutional Review Board can be found HERE.

How do I identify a mentor or project that is outside of Cincinnati?

Visit our external opportunities page.  As well, students may choose to explore similar research programs at other universities and/or view departmental lists of faculty research at universities of interest.  Lastly, the AAMC Careers in Medicine website has a national database of Clinical and Research Opportunities for medical students.

Can I receive course credit for my research / scholarly activity?

Currently, there is no option for medical students between the M1 and M2 years to receive formal course credit for this research / scholarly activity.

Besides my stipend, how can I get money to fund my research / scholarly activity?

Ultimately, funding for the research / scholarly activity is the responsibility of the mentor, research program, and/or department in which the research occurs.  The Office of Research and the Office of Student Affairs have no funds to assist UC students with funding to conduct their research / scholarly activity. 

Are there opportunities for me to present my summer research / scholarly activity?

The most common place for medical students to present their summer research / scholarly activity is during the Research and Service Symposium held each fall.  Medical students should also ask their mentors about department-based opportunities to present their work.

Are there travel funds to allow me to present my summer research / scholarly activity?

Medical students should start by asking their mentors if there are grant or department funds to support students presenting their summer research / scholarly activity.  The Medical Student Association also has funds to support presentations at regional and national conferences


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