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2020 UC College of Medicine M1 White Coat Ceremony

The MSTP’s M1 class took part in the UC College of Medicine’s 2020 M1 White Coat Ceremony.  Philip Diller, MD, PhD, senior associate dean for educational affairs, personally coated each student.

The incoming class of medical students are 53% women and 47% men.  And 23% of the students are from ethnic backgrounds underrepresented in medicine – the same percentage as 2019, which was the highest percentage in the college’s history.

“I think [the incoming class is] going to go down in history as our most flexible class because for many of them the conclusion of their spring semester, plus their graduation, were completely modified,” said Abbey Tissot, PhD, assistant dean for admissions and special programs. “The way that they will enter and then be taught in their first year of medical school is totally modified. So, I think this is going to be a class for whom we just have to celebrate their willingness to go with the flow, to be flexible and adaptive and really that’s where resilience is going to define this group.”

Learn more about the students’ orientation week.

Photos: Top row from left to right: Barbara Zhao, Nora Lakes, Sydney Treichel; Bottom row from left to right: Shumeng Yang, Julian Havens, Kimaya Raje

(The above text includes excerpts from a UC News article published on July 13, 2020.)

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