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Training the next generation of scientists and educators in basic mechanisms of molecular and cellular function with an emphasis on understanding mechanisms of cancers

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Master's Degree in Cancer and Cell Biology

The Cancer & Cell Biology (CCB) Graduate Program offers full-time and part-time thesis-based Masters of Science (MS) degree programs. The MS degree in Cancer and Cell Biology also opens up many career opportunities in academia, biotech and pharmaceutical industries as well as public service. Research Experience prior to entering the program is helpful for success in the program. However, the CCB MS program is designed for students to gain significant research experience to be a competitive for admission into PhD and/or MD/PhD. The first-year curriculum of the CCB MS degree transfers seamlessly to the CCB PhD programTuition is charged according to standard in or out of state rates. For more information on reciprocity with Kentucky and Indiana. Employees of the University of Cincinnati may be eligible for tuition benefits. Please contact your HR Department. Other Financial Support

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