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University of Cincinnati Medical Center (8 months) – General nuclear medicine imaging applications, molecular nuclear medicine imaging, studies for the diagnosis and evaluation of neuroendocrine tumors, in-vivo techniques for myeloproliferative disorders, therapeutic applications in thyroid disease, high dose radioiodine administration for thyroid cancer and radiolabeled microsphere therapy for primary hepatocellular and metastatic disease to the liver from colon cancer.

Facilities at UC Medical Center include one thyroid probe, two single-head gamma cameras, two dual-head SPECT gamma cameras, two dedicated cardiology dual-head cameras, and a combined PET/CT system.

Nuclear Cardiology (1 month) – Familiarization of nuclear cardiology imaging protocols and techniques, stress and pharmacologic testing for coronary artery disease, imaging modalities including attenuation correction technology and back-projection and interactive reconstruction algorithms.

Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center (1 month) – Additional training in a wide variety of nuclear radiology procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, with an emphasis on cardiac nuclear medicine studies.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (1 month) – Training in nuclear medicine techniques as they apply to a pediatric patient population, including renal studies, PET, voiding cystograms, and I-123 and mIBG studies for pediatric oncology.

Duties and Responsibilities

Fellows participate weekly in Nuclear Medicine departmental conferences and interdepartmental conferences with allied clinical departments. Some specialty interdepartmental conferences are held monthly.

Trainees review the cases to be presented, both the nuclear medicine studies as well as any pertinent radiology studies, and select images to present. As they gain experience, fellows will present the cases.

Fellows will have one-half day a week free from clinical duties for scholarly activities. Fellows are expected to participate in a research project in conjunction with attending staff.

Projects should be designed to result in an abstract for poster presentation or manuscript. Funds to present abstracts at national meetings will be provided.


Involvement in a research project is required during the fellowship.

Fellows will work with the program director to identify a topic and mentor during the first quarter of the fellowship.

This endeavor may include, but is not limited to, submitting a journal article for publication, development of an educational exhibit or poster for the annual Society of Nuclear Medicine Meeting, or participating in a clinical research project.

Jennifer Scheler, MD

Program Director

513-558-7137, Fax

Robin Ferrell

Program Coordinator

513-558-7137 Fax

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