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About the Program

Jennifer Scheler MDThe Nuclear Radiology Fellowship is a one-year ACGME accredited program. This program will expand the fellow’s knowledge in and application of Nuclear Radiology using dedicated clinical and interpretation experience.

The fellow will develop the professional and personal skills necessary to practice nuclear medicine completely in either an academic or private practice setting and to enable them to perform new imaging techniques and procedures and to establish, manage and supervise a nuclear medicine department and radiation protection program.

Goals and Objectives

  • Verbalize the physical principles behind Nuclear Medicine imaging equipment
  • Understand radiation physics as it relates to radionuclide characteristics and interactions in matter including radiation biology.
  • Understand physiology of organ systems and mechanisms of uptake of radiopharmaceuticals used in diagnostic imaging and therapy applications.
  • Demonstrate regulatory issues governing the safe practice of Nuclear Medicine.
  • Understand the basic physics of nuclear medicine, including physical science, instrumentation, radiobiology and radiation protection, mathematics and statistics and radiopharmaceutical chemistry.
  • Learn basic radiopharmacy, PET radiopharmacy and quality control.
  • Learn basic nuclear medicine, instrumentation and quality control.
  • Learn appropriate radiopharmaceuticals, procedures and basic interpretations for the most common nuclear medicine studies (bone scans, thyroid studies, lung scans, cardiac studies, hepatobiliary scans, renal scans, gastric emptying studies and 18F-FDG studies).
  • Learn the guidelines for conducting and interpreting more complex studies, including the following: spectrum of musculoskeletal, cardiac, endocrinologic, gastrointestinal, hematologic, oncologic, neurologic, pulmonary, and genitourinary studies; non-18F-FDG PET agents; receptor and peptide imaging studies and non-imaging studies.


Upon completion of the training program, the fellow will be eligible to sit for the CAQ examination from the American Board of Radiology.

Jennifer Scheler, MD

Program Director

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Robin Ferrell

Program Coordinator

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