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Sertorio Laboratory Members


Shelby McCauley

Lab Manager

Shelby obtained her undergraduate degree in biology from Youngstown State University (2016). She then went on to complete her master’s in biology at Chatham University (2018). Later that year, she accepted a position as a research assistant at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she utilized both in vitro and in vivo models to study the specific biological responses that occur following radiation therapy and to investigate combinatory approaches to potentially improve treatment outcomes. In May of 2021, Shelby joined Dr. Sertorio at the University of Cincinnati to continue her research in the Department of Radiation Oncology and to serve as lab manager.

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Mathieu Sertorio, PhD
Department of Radiation Oncology
The Barrett Cancer Center
234 Goodman Street, ML 0757
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0757

Office: 513-788-2656