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Training Sites

The Department of Psychiatry Residency Program offices are located in the Stetson office building adjacent to the main University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The Department of Family Medicine Program offices are located at The Christ Hospital in the Medical Arts Building. Financial support for this combined residency comes from University of Cincinnati Medical Center, The Christ Hospital, and the Departments of Family Medicine and Psychiatry. All training sites use the EPIC electronic medical records system with the exceptions of the VA (which uses its own CPRS system) and Central Clinic. After completing USMLE or COMLEX Step 3 and receiving approval from Program Directors, FMP residents frequently take advantage of moonlighting opportunities in both family medicine and psychiatry throughout the region.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

The University of Cincinnati Medical Center (formerly University Hospital) is the principal training site for inpatient consultation-liaison psychiatry, neurology, and emergency medicine for FMP residents. It is the home to dozens of nationally-ranked residency programs. This hospital has over 900 beds and serves both as the primary provider of indigent care and tertiary-level care for people living in the tri-state region (Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana).

University of Cincinnati Psychiatric Services at Ridgeway

In 2016, UCMC purchased and renovated two floors of the former Jewish Hospital, now the Ridgeway Pavilion, and established a new home for its psychiatric services. The 40-bed psychiatric hospital is located directly across from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Ridgeway is the principal training site for inpatient adult psychiatry, inpatient geriatric psychiatry, and emergency psychiatry. Within the hospital, the region's only Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) operates and provides residents with unique, high-quality training in managing urgent psychiatric issues. It is generally regarded as one of the busiest psychiatric emergency rooms in the country. All residents do rotations in emergency psychiatry during the first two years and cover shifts during the outpatient (fourth) year. The hospital's two inpatient psychiatric units and Behavioral Intensive Care Unit are all team-based, resident teaching services with faculty oversight for inpatient rotations. Teams consist of an attending physician, social worker, resident physician and medical students.

Central Clinic at Logan Hall: Outpatient Psychiatry

Central Clinic is the principal training site for outpatient psychiatry, which for the combined FMP residents comprises the entirety of the fourth year. Central Clinic has a long and outstanding tradition as one of the oldest psychiatric clinics in the country and is a community mental health organization with co-located psychotherapists and case managers. During the fourth year of residency, each FMP resident has a private office at Central Clinic and receives individual supervision in psychopharmacology. They also participate in treatment team and dual-diagnosis case presentations at weekly class meetings. In addition to the psychopharmacology experiences, fourth year residents see patients for individual or couples therapy and are expected to provide at least 6 hours of psychotherapy per week.  They have supervision for these cases from 3 supervisors, one who is CBT-focused and two others from within the UC system, the Psychoanalytic Institute, and/or elsewhere in the community.

Residents have a diverse outpatient psychiatry experience with additional weekly training opportunities at the Mood Disorder Center (a part of the National Network of Depression Centers) and at the McMicken Integrated Care Clinic where they provide psychiatry services to a homeless patient population with on-site supervision from Dr. White, an alumnus of the Family Medicine-Psychiatry Program.  The residency has an outstanding record in terms of its graduates continuing to do work in public sector psychiatry after graduation.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is the #3 children's hospital in the country and is the training site for child and adolescent psychiatry. In addition, it hosts child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training. Cincinnati Children's is a world-renowned pediatrics hospital with several psychiatric services, including inpatient latency and adolescent units, consultation and emergency services. Additionally, CCHMC offers one of the premier pediatrics residencies in the country. FMP residents complete their inpatient and outpatient medical pediatrics training at this facility, where exposure to pathology and teaching are second-to-none. Rotations include inpatient pediatrics, subspecialty clinics, outpatient pediatrics, and pediatric emergency room (in addition to the psychiatric experiences).

Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The Cincinnati Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center is the principal training site for addiction psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry, and a training site for inpatient psychiatry and neurology. The addiction psychiatry rotation includes inpatient detoxification, outpatient dual diagnosis assessment, and drug rehabilitation. The inpatient psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry rotations also afford some exposure to patients on research protocols. The addiction and geriatric psychiatry rotations are strengthened by the presence of fellows in these subspecialties who work alongside the general psychiatry residents.

Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute

The Cincinnati Psychoanalytic Institute (CPI) is a non-profit, educational institution that offers post-graduate training to mental health professionals. The Institute is a major teaching resource for the residency, providing many outpatient supervisors, conference supervisors, and lecturers. All residents interested in psychoanalysis are able to attend conferences and arrange additional training through elective experiences. CPI was one of the first centers for psychoanalysis in the United States and residents can avail themselves to a number of lectures, extracurricular classes, and a comprehensive library with unique titles and tomes.

The Christ Hospital

The Christ Hospital is the primary training hospital for the Family Medicine Residency. It offers the luxury and feel of a smaller community hospital but the academic richness of practicing in a large city. It is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 hospitals in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. FMP residents complete their core inpatient medicine, cardiology, OB, gynecology, surgery, and ICU months at this hospital in addition to numerous outpatient electives. The hospital provides access to every medical specialty and is conveniently located in the heart of the city, just one mile away from UCMC.

The Christ Hospital Primary Care Office at Mount Auburn

The Christ Hospital Family Medicine Office at Mount Auburn serves as the continuity outpatient medicine site for residents during their five years. Conveniently located on the same campus as The Christ Hospital, it is a full-service family medicine clinic that cares for patients just after birth through geriatric years with a diverse population reflective of the people of Cincinnati. For a half-day or full-day every week beginning their first month of intern year, residents see and manage patients in an outpatient family medicine setting that they follow throughout the rest of their residency. The office also provides evening clinics several nights per week to better serve patients unable to take time away from other obligations during traditional hours. An onsite psychiatrist (the FMP Program Director, Dr. Wulsin) is available to consult for any psychiatric needs, and residents have the opportunity to manage their patients' medical and psychiatric illnesses in an outpatient continuity setting.

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