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Lab Members

Chen Gao ProfileChen Gao, PhD (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Chen Gao received her Ph.D degree at UCLA Molecular Biology Institute, where she focused on understanding the impact of RNA alternative splicing in cardiovascular disease. After graduation, Dr. Chen Gao joined UCLA Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics as a postdoctoral fellow where she continued to explore different aspects of RNA metabolism in the development of cardiometabolic disease. Currently, Dr. Gao is an assistant professor at University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and System Physiology.


Research Staff

Cansheng Zhu, M.D (Research Associate)

Dr. Zhu received his medical training in Neurology and Nuclear Medicine in Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China. Prior to coming to United States, Dr. Zhu was Associate Professor in Department of Neurology at 3rd affiliated hospital of Sun Yat-sen University. Dr. Zhu’s research has focused on establishing Alzheimer’s disease rat models relevant to mixed vascular and Alzheimer dementia. Dr. Zhu is currently Research Associate focusing on understanding the impact of EPRS in cardiometabolic disorder.
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