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Pre-Conception Diabetes Care

Pre-conception diabetes counseling
Members of our healthcare team are available to counsel women who have diabetes and wish to conceive. We can provide the tools and knowledge to ensure a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.

Why is pre-conception care so important?
Preconception care is important to prevent miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirth in babies of diabetic moms. Each of us plays a unique role to help guide you through your pregnancy and delivery. Let us give you the highest quality care possible in a compassionate way, the kind of care that we would expect for a member of our family. Our highly qualified healthcare team is dedicated caring professionals who feel privileged to provide medical care. Learn more at

Why do I need a healthcare team?
To help you achieve the best possible health before you become pregnant

Who is the most important member?
YOU, because you will be making choices how to manage your meal plan, blood sugars, medicines, physical activity and stress.

How can you prepare for your pregnancy?

  • Follow a healthy meal plan
  • Control your blood sugars
  • Work toward a healthy A1c < 6%
  • Take folic acid (0.4-1 mg) daily
  • Exercise 30-60 minutes a day
  • Take your medicine
  • Prevent low blood sugars
  • Stop smoking
  • See an ophthalmologist
  • See your dentist
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Manage your stress

What are my risks with diabetes and pregnancy?

  • High blood pressure
  • High or low blood sugars
  • Problems with your eyes, heart, kidney or nerves
  • Cesarean section

What are my baby’s risks?

  • Birth defects
  • Miscarriage/stillbirth
  • Large baby/birth trauma
  • Too much fluid around the baby
  • Pre-term birth
  • Breathing problems
  • Low blood sugars
  • Jaundice

The good news is that you may be able to decrease risks for miscarriage, birth defects and stillbirth with tight blood sugar control. The most important time for tight blood sugar control is three (3) months before getting pregnant and the first three (3) months of your pregnancy.

Diabetes and pregnancy checklist:

  • Plan your pregnancy
  • Discuss effective birth control with your healthcare provider
  • Seek pre-conceptual counseling before you become pregnant
  • Set blood sugar and A1C goals before you become pregnant
  • Get your healthcare provider to screen for diabetes complications
  • Begin taking a multiple vitamin containing (0.4 -1 mg) of Folic acid today


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