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CBS provides support for manuscript preparation, grant applications and other projects requiring biostatistics and bioinformatics support via several types of consulting:

  1. Initial planning meeting. Initial one hour meeting to discuss project, objectives and establish the level of support that will be needed is free.
  2. Short-Term Consultation. Short term consultation support is given for well-defined research projects where funds for fee-for-service charges have been secured. This service may also be used to secure biostatistical support for funded projects (grants, contracts) where the scope of work is small enough not to warrant the commitment of CBS  faculty on a percent time effort basis.
  3. Funded Projects. Biostatistics and bioinformatics services for funded projects can be provided on fee-for-service basis, or at a fixed support level via FTE support for involved faculty and staff.
  4. Grant application and Research Protocols. CBS faculty provide biostatistics and bioinformatics services for individual-initiated grant applications or research protocols at all stages of grant preparation and project execution. It is expected that pre-application services will be funded through one of the existing mechanisms, while support during the project-execution period will be provided by including CBS faculty and staff as collaborators with the adequate FTE support.  Pre-application services alone can be provided on fee-for-service bases when no need for the support during the project execution is envisioned.
  5. Research Unit/Research Group Support. CBS faculty can provide biostatistics and bioinformatics support for whole research groups and academic units.  Such arrangements may cover biostatistical, bioinformatics as well as educational needs of faculty, research staff and students collaborating research unit. Such support can be provided on a percent effort basis.
  6. Research Central Initiated Projects. We also provide biostatistics and bioinformatics support to investigators who are CCTST members and request assistance through Research Central: the portal for intake of CCTST requests. The CCTST provides vouchers, upon approval of the application. Please contact the visit the CCTST website for more information.
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