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Trenching & Excavation Capacity Building Grant

TrenchboxWelcome to the University of Cincinnati Trench Safety Resource Page. Workers can experience numerous occupational injuries when completing work in a trench. These injuries can include; broken limbs, asphyxiation, traumatic brain injuries, electrocution, and exposure to hazardous atmosphere. Most incidents involve a cave-in, or side-wall collapse while a worker is in the trench completing work in utilities installation, such as water and sewer lines, or in communications and powerline construction. The Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences is a proud recipient of a Susan Harwood Capacity Building Grant (#SH-05166-SH9) that will provide three new training opportunities in Trenching and Excavation Safety to companies who employ under 250 employees at no cost. Training will include a 2-hour introductory level module designed for workers which will focus on hazard recognition and avoidance, a 4-hour advanced level training for workers with some safety and hazard abatement responsibilities, and a third 6-hour employer level module explaining the regulatory responsibilities for employers under the OSH Act. Training will be available at one of the University of Cincinnati campuses or at your site. To receive more information and to schedule training with us contact us at or 513-558-1730.

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Courses are now available for the 2022 year. For the foreseeable future, courses will be offered in an online virtual format.

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