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Current Offerings

Future Risk Assessment and Communication Workshop

The RSC and UC ERC, in collaboration with Cardno Chemrisk, SafeDose, and, have been planning our next Workshop on Assessing and Communicating Risks for Toxicologists and Risk Assessors, to be held when it is again safe to travel. Interested? Email and we will keep you posted on the latest developments. This two-part continuing education workshop is intended for new and veteran risk assessors. Two days will be focused on risk assessment, with an emphasis on hazard and dose response assessment, and two days on risk communication. Both parts are highly interactive.

SOT Virtual Session

Dr. Lynne Haber will present in a Society for Toxicology (SOT) Virtual Annual Meeting on latest guidance for chemical dose response assessment. With the cancellation of the Society of Toxicology (SOT) meeting in March, each SOT Specialty Section selected a session to deliver as a webinar. The Food Safety Specialty Section is hosting the following session on Tuesday, April 21 from noon to 2:45 PM (ET).

Globally Harmonized Guidance for Dose-Response Analysis and Derivation of Health-Based Guidance Values for Chemicals in Food

The event is free and open to members and nonmembers. Register HERE. Dr. Haber will introduce available Benchmark Dose Modeling platforms. She will address the need for global harmonization with case studies and present a new consensus decision tree, designed to aid in harmonizing approaches and be a practical guide to risk assessors and managers by illustrating how key decision points are affected by a variety of practical scenarios.

For a full schedule of the SOT Virtual Meeting offerings, see here.

SOT Virtual Poster

Dr. Brian Palmer is presenting a poster in the SOT Virtual Poster Session.

3291: Poster Board - P104: Dosimetric Modeling of Inhaled Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Use in Risk Assessment. B. C. Palmer1, J. Matheson2, and L. T. Haber1. 1University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH; and 2Consumer Product Safety Commission, Bethesda, MD.

View the poster HERE, Email Dr. Palmer at to discuss the findings.

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