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2020 Annual Student Research Findings Symposium

Jan 14, 2020, 15:47 PM by User Not Found
The annual Student Research Findings Symposium on January 14, 2020 highlighted two workshop group projects and six TRT projects.

Written by: Jessica Bloomer

The Annual Students Research Findings Symposium was held on January 14, 2020 in the Kettering Lab Complex Auditorium. There were eight presentations consisting of two workshop group projects as well as six students presenting results from their Target Research Training Program (TRT) research. ERC faculty, students, and external advisory board members were present to evaluate the presentations, give constructive feedback by asking questions, and provide an audience for students to practice presenting their work.

Two workshop student groups presented on:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Hotline, Vishal Nathu, Carson Whitehead, Ann Parker, David Lang, Rachel Zeiler
  • Bioaerosols in a Home Healthcare Environment, Christina Kander, Tamara Small, Nathan Gander, Meghan West

Six TRT students presented on:

  • Childhood Fungal Microbiome Exposure and Respiratory Health, Jennie Cox
  • A Comparison of Bioaerosol Measurement Methods: Real-time Ultraviolet-Induced Fluorescence & Filter Sampling with qPCR, Christine Uebel-Niemeier
  • Home Healthcare Worker Observations: Update and Next Steps, Elizabeth Bien
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Training: A Cross-Sectional Study of Home Healthcare Workers, Tamara Small
  • Characterizing Particulate Matter Exposure and Cardiac Responses Among Home Healthcare Workers, Ashley Turner
  • Home Healthcare Worker's Exposure to Bioaerosols and Associated Respiratory Health Effects, Yao Addor


After the presentations concluded the group adjourned to the atrium for a reception and to further discuss research projects within the ERC.

This symposium highlights the work of workshop and TRT students and provides an opportunity to practice presentation skills and gain valuable feedback from audience members on their current projects.

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