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Community Engagement Core Conference

Community Members

The CEC offers an array of services and resources related to environmental concerns in Cincinnati. Please read below for more information and submit a service request form if interested in a service.

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Are you a community leader or member?

  • We have loanable air sensors for you to use! These air sensors can help track levels of air pollution in your area.
  • Worried about lead contamination in your community? We can set up a SoilSHOP event that provides community members with free lead screening of soil gathered from their gardens, lawn, or outdoor play areas.
  • Want to test water quality? Check out our Citizen Science Water Toolkit !
  • Have a Health Fair coming up? Let us know and we may be able to set up a booth to talk about sun exposure, lead in homes, PFAS, mold and other environmental issues in Cincinnati!
  • Interested in learning about environmental health exposures currently being researched by UC's Center for Environmental Genetics (CEG) scientists? Have questions about an exposure? The CEC hosts Science Cafes in the community to provide informal community gatherings that promote community and scientific researcher communication.
    • According to, "Science Cafes are events that take place in casual settings such as pubs and coffeehouses, are open to everyone, and feature an engaging conversation with a scientist about a particular topic." It doesn't matter who you are! If you have an interest or an itch to learn more about the featured subject, we'd love to have you attend and hear what YOU bring to the conversation.

Are you a teacher or a caregiver/parent?

We have loanable educational kits for you to use! Kits are free to use and must be returned after 2 weeks. If you need it longer, let us know and we can extend the loan time on the kit(s).Kits available to use include topics related to:

  • lead in soil and homes
  • chemicals in homes
  • water filtration/water contamination
  • air pollution
  • food borne illness.

Most kits include a teacher guide. If interested, fill out the service request form.

(*these kits are not professional quality and are not meant to test for exposures but rather teach youth about the importance of environmental health)


  • Metals in soil

    In urban areas such as Cincinnati, legacy use of leaded gasoline and paint, as well as previous and current industrial activities have deposited metals in the soil in certain areas. We've worked with multiple communities to identify these exposures.

  • Science Cafe

    A science cafe is an informal meeting between science topic expert and community members. The CEC has worked with community groups to sponsor science cafes on multiple topics.

  • soilSHOP

    Interested in learning if there's lead in your soil and to learn what to do about it?

    The CEC can work with community groups to set up a soilSHOP (soil Screening, Health, Outreach, and Partnership)

Common questions about environmental issues in Cincinnati

How polluted is my environment? Is my drinking water contaminated? What do I do if there is lead in my home? How do I find the quality of my air? Get the EnviroFacts! Climate Change in Cincinnati

Other Resources to check out:

Brochures created by the CEC for you to download and print!









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