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Frequently Asked Questions

Applicant Resources

    How many years will it take me to complete the combination of my undergraduate degree and Medical School as part of the Connections Program?
    Connections Program students spend four years completing their undergraduate degree, followed by four years at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Students who choose to be a part of a major with required co-op will finish their undergraduate degree in five years, followed by four years at the College of Medicine.

    Are Connections students required to take the MCAT or to maintain a certain GPA? 
    Yes. Connections students must take the MCAT and score a minimum composite score, with a minimum score on each MCAT subsection. Students must also earn a minimum AMCAS-calculated cumulative GPA of 3.50 and BCPM 3.50.

    If I finish college in less than four years, can I begin medical school early?
    No. Most Connections students come to college with a significant number of AP, post secondary, and/or IB credits; however, students are not permitted to enter the College of Medicine until four years after starting their undergraduate degree. Instead, students are encouraged to utilize this advantage by participating in special opportunities (e.g., multiple majors, study abroad, internships, co-ops, research, dual degrees).

    Is the Connections Program binding?
    No. The Connections Program does not require that students matriculate to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. However, the majority of Connections students do matriculate to our College of Medicine (~90%).

    The Online Application

    How do I access the application for the Connections Program?
    The application typically opens in fall each year and will be accessible on the Connections Dual Admissions Program homepage. Applications must be completed in-full prior to the application deadline posted on the Program's website. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

    Do I need to apply to the University of Cincinnati, or does my application to the Connections Program also address the undergraduate admissions process?
    The Connections Dual Admission application is separate from the University of Cincinnati application for undergraduate admission. In order to interview for our program, you must have submitted your Common Application by the Connections application deadline, and, subsequently, be accepted to the University of Cincinnati undergraduate college. Please visit the UC Undergraduate Admissions website for application details.

    Is there an essay component of the Connections Program application?  
    Yes. The essays are included with the online application. No separate essays should be submitted for application to this program. Additional essays/personal statements and other collateral materials not requested by the online application will not be considered.

    Who should write my letters of recommendation?
    Selecting individuals to write your recommendations is a personal decision. Your letters should be written by people who can comment on your strengths in science and your interest in and commitment to medicine. Letters should be written on letterhead and must be uploaded by the Letter Writer in the Application Portal.

    Do I have to submit separate copies of official transcripts to the Connections Program and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions? 
    Yes. Students must complete the Connections application as outlined, independently from the undergraduate admissions application. This means that a school official must submit transcripts to the undergraduate admissions office, as well as upload a transcript via the Connections Application Portal. Transcripts sent to Connections are not shared with the Undergraduate Admissions office and vice versa. Transcripts must be uploaded to the portal directly (i.e., NOT via Naviance, Parchment, etc.).

    How do I submit my ACT or SAT scores to the Connections Program? Do you have a separate school code? 
    The Connections Program uses students’ self-reported ACT and SAT scores provided through the online application. We do not have a program specific code, and therefore cannot accept (and do not require) an official copy of the test scores report. Please note that the application process for Undergraduate Admissions at the University of Cincinnati is independent from Connections Program and you should follow the process for submitting ACT and/or SAT codes to them.

    Can I pay the application fee by credit card?
    Yes. You may also pay by electronic check. The application fee is submitted electronically with your online application.

    My school has a policy that does not allow transcripts to be uploaded. How should I submit my transcript? 
    We understand that high schools have various policies regarding transcripts. If your school's policy dictates that transcripts must be sent via paper copy rather than uploaded, please have your counselor contact our office by email ( well in advance of the application deadline so that special accommodations can be made. All components of the application, including the transcript, must be received by the application deadline; incomplete applications will not be considered.

    How will I be notified regarding the status of my Connections application?
    All changes to the status of a Connections application will be communicated via the application status page. Therefore, students should regularly log-in to their applications (using their unique username and password combinations) and review the application status page for any updates regarding the status of their applications.

    • We STRONGLY recommend that students do not wait until the deadline to submit your application.
      • Students must first submit their Connections application in order for school officials/letter writers to receive the notification email instructing them to upload documents.
    • Applications are not complete until both letters of recommendation and transcript are submitted.

    Can I meet with someone to discuss my Connections essays before I submit the online application? 
    No. We do not meet with applicants to discuss their applications. Instead, we suggest that you have a teacher or other trusted adult review your essays and written responses. It is important to construct essays that are focused and respond to the question, but that also reflect your personality and interests. Honest and reflective essays that refer to specific experiences are often more effective than those that rely on common observations (“I want to be a doctor because I want to help people”).

    What happens after I submit my Connections application?
    Applications are reviewed after the application deadline. The application review committee will invite up to 32 students to interview virtually. Only students who have also completed the University of Cincinnati undergraduate application will be invited to interview. Students are notified of their invitation to interview via the application portal in between January and March of their application year. Therefore, it is recommended that students regularly log-in to the portal during that time - the Connections Office will also advise the applicant to check their portal for status updates (so, no need to email to request an update).

    When will I know if I have been selected for an interview?
    All applicants’ statuses will be updated in the Application Portal as admissions decisions are made. Interview invitations will be posted in the Application Portal, and final admission decisions will be available in April of each year. We do not discuss applicants’ interview or admission status over the phone; applicants must first check the Application Portal. Applicants may contact our staff via email ( with follow-up questions.

    Is the interview mandatory?

    Do I have to live in Ohio to apply for the Connections Program? 

    No. The Connections Program welcomes applicants from any state within the United States (i.e., applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents). The proportion of out-of-state students varies from year to year, but overall roughly 20-50% of our students are out-of-state residents.

    Student Life and Financial Aid

    Does the College of Medicine offer special scholarships to Connections students?
    No. However, many Connections students qualify for various merit-based scholarships and aid at the University level. Please visit the UC Office of Student Financial Aid website for more information.

    Are students ever removed from the Connections Program?
    Yes, in rare cases. If concerns arise at any time regarding students’ academic performance, personal conduct, or professional development (including underage alcohol violations), they will be reviewed by the Admission Committee, and will be subject to action up to and including dismissal from the program.

    Can students withdraw from the Connections Program?
    Yes. We understand that making a decision about a career while still in high school is daunting. Students may withdraw at any time during their undergraduate career by submitting a signed letter to the Director of the Connections Dual Admissions Program.

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