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All Department Chairs and Unit Directors

View More about Brian Adams, MD,MPH
Photo of  Brian Adams, MD,MPH

Brian Adams, MD,MPH

Department Chair

Drs. Diya F. Mutasim, Hugh M. Gloster, Jr., and Harry L. Claassen Endowed Chair & Professor Dermatology
View More about Caroline Alquist, MD,PHD
Photo of  Caroline Alquist, MD,PHD

Caroline Alquist, MD,PHD

Associate Professor of Clinical

Interim Co-director; Chief Transplantation-Services Officer; Director of Transplantation Immunology & Therapeutic Apheresis; Hoxworth Blood Center Hoxworth Blood Center
View More about Michael Archdeacon, MD
Photo of Michael Archdeacon, MD

Michael Archdeacon, MD

Department Chair

Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Affairs, CEO for University of Cincinnati Physicians, Peter J. Stern Endowed Chair, & Professor Orthopaedic Surgery
View More about William Barrett, MD
Photo of  William Barrett, MD

William Barrett, MD

Department Chair

Co-Director for UC Cancer Center, Charles M. Barrett M.D. Endowed Chair, & Professor Radiation Oncology
View More about Joseph Cheng, MD,MS
Photo of  Joseph Cheng, MD,MS

Joseph Cheng, MD,MS

Department Chair

Associate Director for UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute, Frank H. Mayfield Endowed Chair, & Professor Neurosurgery
View More about David Gerber, MD
Photo of David Gerber, MD

David Gerber, MD

Department Chair

Christian R. Holmes Memorial Chair of Surgery and Chair of the Department of Surgery Surgery
View More about James Herman, PHD
Photo of  James Herman, PHD

James Herman, PHD


Associate Director for UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute, Department Chair, & Flor van Maanen Endowed Chair Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
View More about Adam Kaufman, MD
Photo of  Adam Kaufman, MD

Adam Kaufman, MD

Department Chair

Interim-Chairman, Program Director, Director of Cornea and Refractive Surgery Service Director of Uveitis Service Ophthalmology
View More about Brett Kissela, MD
Photo of  Brett Kissela, MD

Brett Kissela, MD

Department Chair

Senior Associate Dean of Clinical Research, Chief of Research Services for UC Health, Albert Barnes Voorheis Endowed Chair, & Professor Neurology & Rehabilitation Medicine
View More about Alex Lentsch, PHD
Photo of  Alex Lentsch, PHD

Alex Lentsch, PHD

Department Chair

Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs & Development; Jacob G. Schmidlap Professor and Chairman, Department of Environmental and Public Health Sciences; Professor of Surgery Environmental & Public Health Sciences
View More about Michael Lieberman, PHD
Photo of  Michael Lieberman, PHD

Michael Lieberman, PHD


Chair of the Department of Molecular & Cellular Biosciences; Interim Chair of the Department of Cancer Biology Molecular & Cellular Biosciences
View More about Christine O'Dea, MD
Photo of Christine O'Dea, MD

Christine O'Dea, MD

Associate Professor of Clinical

Fred Lazarus, Jr. Endowed Chair, Interim Chair and Co-Director, Medical Spanish/Latino Health Elective Family & Community Medicine

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