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We are dedicated to responding quickly to media and job requests and encourage you to contact us if you have questions or would like to set up an interview with one of our experts.

Looking for Patient Care Information (medical records, billing, appointments, etc.)?

Please contact:

University of Cincinnati Physicians: 513-475-8000
UC Health University of Cincinnati Medical Center: 513-584-1000

Academic Health Center Public Relations and Communications

University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center
260 Stetson St., Suite D
PO BOX 670550
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0550

Mail Location: 0550
Phone: 513-558-4553
FAX: 513-558-2910
For comprehensive Academic Health Center news coverage and publications, visit UC Health News

Communication Services

G-44 Health Professions Building
PO Box 670573
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0573
Phone: 513-558-5682
FAX: 513-558-8078

For all your printing, duplicating and art needs, please visit: UC Health News communications

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Contact Us

University of Cincinnati
College of Medicine

CARE/Crawley Building
Suite E-870
3230 Eden Avenue
PO Box 670555
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0555

Mail Location: 0555
Phone: 513-558-7333
Fax: 513-558-3512
Email: College of Medicine