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Pharmacology & Systems Physiology 


The department seminar showcases cutting-edge research in physiology, pharmacology and related disciplines, spanning basic research to translational science. We invite internationally renowned visitors or local investigators from UC and Cincinnati Children's Hospital to discuss their work. Seminars are held weekly throughout the fall semester, spring semester, and the first portion ("Maymester") of the summer term.

Tuesdays at 4:00 pm
4051 Medical Sciences Building
*except where indicated

Refreshments are served. For more information about the seminar program, please contact Jeannie Cummins (Program Manager), Email: or Tel: 513-558-3102.

Date Name Description
June 11
*MSB 2351
HaoDi Wu, PhD
Stanford University
Dissecting the pathological mechanisms of cardiovascular disease with iPSCs 


2018 Archives

Date Name Description
January 23  Julio Landero, PhD
New advances in elemental mass spectrometry and its impact on ion flux quantification in biological systems
January 30 Hong-Sheng Wang, PhD
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Impact of environmental chemicals on cardiac arrhythmias
February 13 Kristen Engevik
Systems Biology & Physiology
Krithika Ramasamy-Subramanian
Systems Biology & Physiology
Early responders to gastric epithelial damage

Time-dependent alternative splicing in mammals
February 20 Richard Ballweg
Systems Biology & Physiology
Understanding the proliferation dynamics of intestinal stem cells
February 27 Emma Teal
Systems Biology & Physiology

Craig Thomson
Systems Biology & Physiology
CD44v9 and cystine-glutamate transporter (xCT) potentiate the defense against ROS to allow for effective healing in response to gastric injury
Uncovering the role of WNT RTKs in MPNST tumorigenesis
March 6 Hamid Eghbalnia, PhD
University of Wisconsin–Madison and
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Estimating RNA-Seq differential expression: How complex is it?
March 20 Mark Frey, PhD
University of Southern California
Neuregulin signaling in the intestine: controlling inflammation through contrasting effects on epithelial and immune cells
April 10 Dennis Selkoe, MD
Brigham & Women's Hospital and
Harvard Medical School
The John Maggio Memorial Lecture
Deciphering the molecular bases of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases yields novel therapies 
*Rieveschl Auditorium, Vontz Center
April 17 Ted Hong
Systems Biology & Physiology
Andrew Rosselot
Systems Biology & Physiology
May 8 Samantha Brugmann, PhD
Role of primary cilia in craniofacial development
May 15  Yaning Wang, PhD
US Food & Drug Administration
Balance between empiricism and mechanism
October 9 Timothy Pritts, MD PhD
Resuscitation after trauma: Understanding the effect of the red blood cell storage lesion
October 16 Lily Baek
Systems Biology & Physiology
Defense of PhD Dissertation
Circadian clock regulation of the glycogen metabolism in Neurospora crassa
October 23 Yvonne Ulrich-Lai, PhD
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
What puts the comfort in “comfort” foods?
October 30 Onur Kanisicak, PhD
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
In vivo characteristics of murine cardiac fibroblasts within normal and pathological heart
November 6 Kristen Engevik
Systems Biology & Physiology
Emma Teal
Systems Biology & Physiology
Pathways in calcium-dependent gastric repair

Metaplasia and tissue repair in gastric injury

November 13 Renu Sah, PhD
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
From acid-sensing to panic: Contributions of a GPCR, TDAG8
November 20 Krithika Ramasamy-Subramanian
Systems Biology & Physiology
Craig Thomson
Systems Biology & Physiology
A genome wide analysis of circadian splicing in mammalian tissues

Determining the role of Ror1 and Ror2 in a mouse model of progressive neurofibromas
November 27 Eric Wohleb, PhD
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Integrating neuroimmune systems in the neurobiology of depression 
December 4 Teresa Reyes, PhD
Pharmacology & Systems Physiology
Development of a mouse model of leukemia survival to better inform treatment of long-term outcomes
December 11 To de determined
December 18 To de determined