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Espinola, M., Shultz, J., Espinel, Z, Althouse, BM, Cooper, J., Baingana, F., Marcelin, LH, Cela, T., Towers, S., Mazurik, L., Greene, M., & Rechkemmer, A. 2016. Fear-related behaviors in situations of mass threat. Disaster Health, 3 4, 102

Gaviria, S., Alarcon, R., Espinola, M., Restrepo, D., Lotero, J., Berbesi, D., Sierra, G., Chaskel, R., Espinel, Z. & Shultz, J. 2016. Socio-demographic patterns of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Medellin, Colombia, and the context of lifetime trauma exposure Disaster Health, 3 4, 1

Shultz J., Espinel Z., Espinola M., Rechkemmer A. 2016. Distinguishing epidemiological features of the 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola virus disease outbreak Disaster Health, 3 3, 1

Shultz, J., Althouse, B., Baingana, F., Cooper, J., Espinola, M., Greene, M., Espinel, Z., McCoy, C.B., Mazurik L., & Rechkemmer, A. 2016. Fear factor: The unseen perils of the Ebola outbreak Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, 72 2, 304

Shultz, J., Cela, T., Marcelin, L.H., Espinola, M., Heitmann, I., Sanchez, C., Jean Pierre, A., Foo, Y.C., Thompson, K., Klotzbach, P., Espinel, Z., & Rechkemmer, A 2016. The trauma signature of Hurricane Matthew’s Impact on Haiti Disaster Health, 3 4, 121

Shultz, J., Cooper, J., Baingana, F., Oquendo, M., Espinel, Z., Althouse, B., Marcelin, L., Towers, S., Espinola, M., McCoy, C., Mazurik, L., Wainberg, M., Neria, Y., & Rechkemmer, A. 2016. The role of fear-related behaviors in the 2013-2016 West Africa Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak Current Psychiatry Reports, 18 104,

Shultz, J., Garfin, D., Espinel, Z., Araya, R., Oquendo, M., Wainberg, M., Chaskel, R., Gaviria, S., Ordonez, A., Espinola, M., Wilson, F., Garcia, N., Ceballos, A., Garcia-Barcena, Verdelli, H. & Neria, Y. 2014. Internally displaced “victims of armed conflict” in Colombia: The trajectory and trauma signature of displacement Current Psychiatry Reports, 16 10, 475