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Human Resources

Research Assistant Appointments

Job Group 500 *

  • Research Assistant (Job Class 970)
  • Senior Research Assistant (Job Class 971)
  • Principal Research Assistant (Job Class 972)

Department Submits Position Requistion
Department submits a requisition via University's People Admin UC Flex System. Use the "Create from Template" option. This alerts the applicant that their resume will also be posted in the Research Assistant Resume Bank.

Scan and attach a completed Research Assistant Competency Checklist (PDF) to the People Admin. requisition in the "Documents" section. See Broadband Salary Guidelines (DOC).

Applications of interested candidates for research assistant positions are now being submitted via the University's People Admin UC Flex system. Instruction for accessing the Resume Bank on People Admin have been distributed the the hiring/recruiting personnel of each department and additionally these instructions will be included in the notes section of the requisition to open a research assistant position on People Admin.

Advertisement options are available via the People Admin System.

Offer Letters
Offer letters should include department head and supervisor signatures and the candidate’s signature in acceptance of the terms outlined. A copy of the letter, signed by all, parties should be uploaded into the "Documents" section of the People Admin requisition.Research assistant offer letter template(DOC).You must also attach the information from, or include as an addendum with the appropriate new hire language from Human Resources.

Counter Offers
Departments wishing to meet a counter-offer may do so with approval by department chair within the first quarter percentile of the salary range. Offers exceeding the first quartile must be substantiated by the department and submitted to Faculty Affairs for review and approval. Department will receive a response from Faculty Affairs within 24 hours.

Promotions and Increases
Promotions must be handled by the approved administrative authority in the department. Criteria should be based on the competencies as outlined in the Research Assistant Career Level Guide and Checklist. (Submit justifications and requests to the attention of the Director, Office of Faculty Affairs - ML 0554)