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WomanGroup Discounts for WIMS Members:

  • Dream Dinners (Cincinnati West, Blue Ash, West Chester, or Anderson): 10% off a new guest (or has not used in 1 year). Order with code 2018NEWGUEST10. Can also use introductory offer of $84.99 to assemble 6 meals (3-servings each), or 3 meals (6-servings each) (10% will not apply) 
  • Safersit: First booking fee waived with code UCWIM
  • CincyNanny: 10% discount for group members
  • YMCA: YMCA has a 20% discount for all UC members within the Greater Cincinnati Association
  • Cincy 360 Fitness: $25 for a 30 minute session (30% discount) 
  • 9round: $54/month (regular $69) for a 12 month membership and $69 for a month to month membership (regular $89) along with a 20% paid in full rate discount (where the payment is taken up front)
  • PreppedGirl: This is run by a Cincinnati based high-school English teacher who wants to make our lives easier. She delivers already prepared, wholesome breakfast and lunch options to your door.

    If a WIMS member uses his/her UC address and the code UCHEALTH, PreppedGirl will provide a 15% discount off orders of $65 or more (which amounts to 2 free meals plus free delivery).


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