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Photo of  Lawson R. Wulsin, MD

Lawson R. Wulsin, MD


Assistant Training Director of the Family Medicine Psychiatry Residency Program

Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience | College of Medicine

  • Bachelor's Degree: Harvard College
  • Medical Degree: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
  • Internship: University Hospitals - Cleveland, OH
  • Residency: Massachusetts Mental Health Center
  • NIMH Fellowship: Massachusetts Mental Health Center
  • Extramural Fellowship: Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (Psychiatry) (Certification Date: 1985-11-30)


Psychosomatic Medicine

Contact Information
Research Interests

Dr. Wulsin directs the Behavioral Science curriculum of the Famly Medicine Residency and co-directs the Cincinnati Center for Treatment-Resistant Depression.

His research interests focus on psychosomatic medicine, specifically depression and cardiovascular disorders.

Clinical Interests

Bipolar Disorder

Mood Disorders



Major Depressive Disorder

Panic Disorder

Psychosomatic Disorder

Treatment Resistant Depression

Peer Reviewed Publications

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