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Photo of Christopher McKnight, MD

Christopher McKnight, MD

Adjunct Instructor

Internal Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Fellowship: University of Cincinnati (Allergy & Immunology)
  • Residency: Indiana University (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)
  • Medical Degree: Indiana University School of Medicine (Internal Medicine/Pediatrics)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Indiana University ( Combined Classical Studies and Chemistry)
Board Certifications & Licenses

American Board of Allergy and Immunology (Certification Date: 2013-10-04)


Allergy and Immunology
Internal Medicine

Contact Information

Clinical Interests

Allergy and Immunology

Internal Medicine

Peer Reviewed Publications

McKnight, Christopher G; Potter, Crystal; Finkelman, Fred D 2020. IL-4R? expression by airway epithelium and smooth muscle accounts for nearly all airway hyperresponsiveness in murine allergic airway disease. Mucosal immunology, 13 2, 283-292

McAlees, Jaclyn W; Baker, Theresa; Kaur, Davinder; McKnight, Christopher; Lindsley, Andrew; Strait, Richard T; Zhang, Xue; Biagini Myers, Jocelyn M; Butsch Kovacic, Melinda; Lewkowich, Ian P 2019. Age and early maternal smoking contribute to epithelial cell IL-13 responsiveness in a pediatric asthma population. Allergy, 74 12, 2485-2487

McKnight, Christopher G; Jude, Joseph A; Zhu, Zhenqi; Panettieri, Reynold A; Finkelman, Fred D 2017. House Dust Mite-Induced Allergic Airway Disease Is Independent of IgE and Fc?RI?. American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology, 57 6, 674-682

McKnight, Christopher G; Morris, Suzanne C; Perkins, Charles; Zhu, Zhenqi; Hildeman, David A; Bendelac, Albert; Finkelman, Fred D 2017. NKT cells contribute to basal IL-4 production but are not required to induce experimental asthma. PloS one, 12 11, e0188221

Kumar, Sudhir; Khodoun, Marat; Kettleson, Eric M; McKnight, Christopher; Reponen, Tiina; Grinshpun, Sergey A; Adhikari, Atin 2014. Glyphosate-rich air samples induce IL-33, TSLP and generate IL-13 dependent airway inflammation. Toxicology, 325 , 42-51

Miller, Sharon A; Burnett, John R; Leonis, Mike A; McKnight, C James; van Bockxmeer, Frank M; Hooper, Amanda J 2014. Novel missense MTTP gene mutations causing abetalipoproteinemia. Biochimica et biophysica acta, 1842 10, 1548-54