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Photo of  Emma C. Schoch, PhD

Emma C. Schoch, PhD

Assistant Professor Educator

Medical Education | College of Medicine

  • Ph.D.: University of Cincinnati (Biochemistry)
  • B.S.: University of Cincinnati (Biochemistry)
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Shuk-mei Ho, Rahul Rao, Bin Ouyang, Neville NC Tam, Emma Schoch, Dan Song, Jun Ying, Yuet-Kin Leung, Vinothini Govindarajah, Pheruza Tarapore 2021. Three- generation study in male rats gestationally exposed to high butterfat and bisphenol A: impaired spermatogenesis, penetrance with reduced severity. Nutrients, 13 10, 3636

Shuk-mei Ho, Rahu Rao, Sarah To, Emma Schoch, Pheruza Tarapore 2017. Bisphenol A and its analogues disrupt centrosome cycle and microtubule dynamics in prostate cancer Endocrine Related Cancer, 24 2, 83