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Shelby M. Hetzer

  • Bachelor of Arts: Berea College (Psychology & Behavioral Neuroscience)
Contact Information
Research Interests

I study acute and chronic outcomes of traumatic brain injury (TBI) with a particular focus on injury to the optic/visual system. My research focuses on behvaioral and molecular mechanisms in retinal ganglion cells that produce and perpetuate the detrimental pathobiology of TBI.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Hetzer, S.M., Guilhaume-Correa, F., Day, D., Bedolla, A., & Evanson, N.K. 2021. Traumatic optic neuropathy is associated with visual impairment, neurodegeneration, and endoplasmic reticulum stress in adolescent mice. Cells, 10 ,

Cansler, Shelby M; Evanson, Nathan K 2020. Connecting endoplasmic reticulum and oxidative stress to retinal degeneration, TBI, and traumatic optic neuropathy. Journal of neuroscience research, 98 3, 571-574

Guilhaume-Correa, Fernanda; Cansler, Shelby M; Shalosky, Emily M; Goodman, Michael D; Evanson, Nathan K 2020. Greater neurodegeneration and behavioral deficits after single closed head traumatic brain injury in adolescent versus adult male mice. Journal of neuroscience research, 98 3, 557-570

Burke, Emma G; Cansler, Shelby M; Evanson, Nathan K 2018. Indirect traumatic optic neuropathy: modeling optic nerve injury in the context of closed head trauma. Neural regeneration research, 14 4, 593-594

Hetzer, S.M., Shalosky, E. M., Torrens, J., & Evanson, N.K. . Chronic histological outcomes of indirect traumatic optic neuropathy: Persistent degeneration and temporally regulated glial responses. , ,

McGuire, J., Hetzer, S.M, Qu’d, Casagrande, Dobroszi, Burge, Biguma, Bohnert, & Evanson, N.K. . Early measures of TBI severity fail to predict later cognitive impairment in a rat fluid percussion model. , ,