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Hani Alrefai

Clinical Research Professional

UC Cancer Center | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Ghoneim, Fatma M; Alrefai, Hani; Elsamanoudy, Ayman Z; Abo El-Khair, Salwa M; Khalaf, Hanaa A 2020. The Protective Role of Prenatal Alpha Lipoic Acid Supplementation against Pancreatic Oxidative Damage in Offspring of Valproic Acid-Treated Rats: Histological and Molecular Study. Biology, 9 9,

Hetta, Helal F; Mwafey, Ibrahim M; Batiha, Gaber El-Saber; Alomar, Suliman Y; Mohamed, Nahed A; Ibrahim, Maggie A; Elkady, Abeer; Meshaal, Ahmed Kh; Alrefai, Hani; Khodeer, Dina M; Zahran, Asmaa M 2020. CD19+ CD24hi CD38hi Regulatory B Cells and Memory B Cells in Periodontitis: Association with Pro-Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines. Vaccines, 8 2,

Mahmood, Zafar; Alrefai, Hani; Hetta, Helal F; A Kader, Hidaya; Munawar, Nayla; Abdul Rahman, Sheikh; Elshaer, Shereen; Batiha, Gaber Ei-Saber; Muhammad, Khalid 2020. Investigating Virological, Immunological, and Pathological Avenues to Identify Potential Targets for Developing COVID-19 Treatment and Prevention Strategies. Vaccines, 8 3,

Muhammad K.; Alrefai H.; Marienfeld R.; Pham D.A.T.; Murti K.; Patra A.K.; Avots A.; Bukur V.; Sahin U.; Kondo E.; Klein-Hessling S.; Serfling E. 11-01-2014. NF-?B factors control the induction of NFATc1 in B lymphocytes European Journal of Immunology, 44 11, 3392-3402

Ghoneim F.M.; Alrefai H.; Elsamanoudy A.Z.; Abo El-Khair S.M.; Khalaf H.A. 09-01-2020. The protective role of prenatal alpha lipoic acid supplementation against pancreatic oxidative damag Biology, 9 9, 1-17

Mahmood Z.; Alrefai H.; Hetta H.F.; Kader H.A.; Munawar N.; Rahman S.A.; Elshaer S.; Batiha G.E.S.; Muhammad K. 09-01-2020. Investigating virological, immunological, and pathological avenues to identify potential targets for Vaccines, 8 3, 1-21

Chowdhury D.; Alrefai H.; Landero Figueroa J.A.; Candor K.; Porollo A.; Fecher R.; Divanovic S.; Deepe G.S.; Subramanian Vignesh K. 06-25-2019. Metallothionein 3 Controls the Phenotype and Metabolic Programming of Alternatively Activated Macrop Cell Reports, 27 13, 3873-3886.e7

Hetta H.F.; Mwafey I.M.; Batiha G.E.S.; Alomar S.Y.; Mohamed N.A.; Ibrahim M.A.; Elkady A.; Meshaal A.K.; Alrefai H.; Khodeer D.M.; Zahran A.M. 06-01-2020. Cd19<sup>+</sup> cd24<sup>hi</sup> cd38<sup>hi</sup> regulatory Vaccines, 8 2, 1-9

Hussien M.T.; Helmy E.; Elsaba T.M.; Elkady A.; Alrefai H.; Hetta H.F. 06-01-2020. Assessing CD 10 expression level and its prognostic impact in Egyptian patients with urothelial carc Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention, 21 6, 1573-1583

Alrefai H.; Muhammad K.; Rudolf R.; Pham D.A.T.; Klein-Hessling S.; Patra A.K.; Avots A.; Bukur V.; Sahin U.; Tenzer S.; Goebeler M.; Kerstan A.; Serfling E. 05-25-2016. NFATc1 supports imiquimod-induced skin inflammation by suppressing IL-10 synthesis in B cells Nature communications, 7 , 11724

El-Zayat M.M.; Eraqi M.M.; Alrefai H.; El-Khateeb A.Y.; Ibrahim M.A.; Aljohani H.M.; Aljohani M.M.; Elshaer M.M. 03-01-2021. The antimicrobial, antioxidant, and anticancer activity of greenly synthesized selenium and zinc com Biomolecules, 11 3, 1-17

Toraih E.A.; Alrefai H.G.; Hussein M.H.; Helal G.M.; Khashana M.S.; Fawzy M.S. 01-01-2019. Overexpression of heat shock protein HSP90AA1 and translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane TO Clinical Biochemistry, 63 , 10-17