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Photo of Reshmi Indugula

Reshmi Indugula

  • MS Immunolobiology: University of Cincinnati
  • MSc Human Genetics: Andhra University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Isiugo, Kelechi; Jandarov, Roman; Cox, Jennie; Ryan, Patrick; Newman, Nicholas; Grinshpun A, Sergey ; Indugula, Reshmi; Vesper, Steven; Reponen, Tiina. 2019. Indoor particulate matter and lung function in children Science of The Total Environment, 633 , 408-417

Nakpan, Worrawit; Yermakov, Michael; Indugula, Reshmi; Jandarov Roman; Reponen, Tiina; Grinshpun, A.Sergey. 2019. Inactivation of aerosolized Bacillus anthracis surrogate spores in close proximity to the flame: Simulation study Journal of Aerosol Science, 128 , 72-78.

Nakpan, Worrawit; Grinshpun, Sergey.A; Yermakov, Michael; Indugula, Reshmi; Reponen, Tiina; Wang, Song; Schoenitz, Mirko; Dreizin, Edward L. 2018. Inactivation of aerosolized surrogates ofBacillus anthracis spores by combustion products of aluminum- and magnesium-based reactive materials: Effect of exposure time Aerosol Science and Technology, 52(2) , 579-587

Coombs, Kanistha; Taft, Diana; Ward, Doyle V; Green, Brett J; Chew, Ginger L; Shamsaei, Behrouz; Meller, Jaroslaw; Indugula, Reshmi; Reponen, Tiina 2017. Variability of indoor fungal microbiome of green and non-green low-income homes in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Science of the total environment, 610-611 , 212-218

Cox, Jennie; Indugula, Reshmi; Vesper, Stephen; Zhu, Zheng; Jandarov, Roman; Reponen, Tiina 2017. Comparison of indoor air sampling and dust collection methods for fungal exposure assessment using quantitative PCR. Environmental science. Processes & impacts, 19 10, 1312-1319

Grinshpun, Sergey A; Weber, Angela M; Yermakov, Michael; Indugula, Reshmi; Elmashae, Yousef; Reponen, Tiina; Rose, Laura 2017. Evaluation of personal inhalable aerosol samplers with different filters for use during anthrax responses. Journal of occupational and environmental hygiene, 14 8, 585-595

Adhikari, Atin; Yermakov, Michael; Indugula, Reshmi; Reponen, Tiina; Driks, Adam; Grinshpun, Sergey A 2016. Culturability of Bacillus spores on aerosol collection filters exposed to airborne combustion products of Al, Mg, and B┬ĚTi. Environmental research, 147 , 212-7

Kettleson, Eric M; Adhikari, Atin; Vesper, Stephen; Coombs, Kanistha; Indugula, Reshmi; Reponen, Tiina 2015. Key determinants of the fungal and bacterial microbiomes in homes. Environmental research, 138 , 130-5

Adhikari, Atin; Kettleson, Eric M; Vesper, Stephen; Kumar, Sudhir; Popham, David L; Schaffer, Christopher; Indugula, Reshmi; Chatterjee, Kanistha; Allam, Karteek K; Grinshpun, Sergey A; Reponen, Tiina 2014. Dustborne and airborne Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria in high versus low ERMI homes. The Science of the total environment, 482-483 , 92-9

Adhikari, Atin; Gupta, Jayanta; Wilkins, John R; Olds, Rolanda L; Indugula, Reshmi; Cho, Kyungmin J; Li, Chunlei; Yermakov, Michael 2011. Airborne microorganisms, endotoxin, and (1?3)-?-D-glucan exposure in greenhouses and assessment of respiratory symptoms among workers. The Annals of occupational hygiene, 55 3, 272-85

Reponen, Tiina; Singh, Umesh; Schaffer, Chris; Vesper, Stephen; Johansson, Elisabet; Adhikari, Atin; Grinshpun, Sergey A; Indugula, Reshmi; Ryan, Patrick; Levin, Linda; Lemasters, Grace 2010. Visually observed mold and moldy odor versus quantitatively measured microbial exposure in homes. The Science of the total environment, 408 22, 5565-74