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Photo of Yujie Sun

Yujie Sun

Assoc Professor


  • Ph.D.: The Ohio State University (Inorganic Chemistry)
  • B.S.: Fudan University (Chemistry)
Contact Information
Research Interests

The overall theme of our laboratory is to use our expertise in coordination chemistry, materials science, electrochemistry, and photochemistry to address two frontier challenges: energy and health. Our programs are highly multidisciplinary. Students will be trained in a broad set of skills and inspired to become critical-thinking scientists with a passion on solving urgent problems from a fundamental science perspective.

Peer Reviewed Publications

Han, Guanqun; Sun, Yujie 2019. One catalyst, two fuels Nature Energy, 4 7 , 532-533

Han, Guanqun; Yan, Tao; Zhang, Wei; Zhang, Yi C.; Lee, David Y.; Cao, Zhi; Sun, Yujie 2019. Highly Selective Photocatalytic Valorization of Lignin Model Compounds Using Ultrathin Metal/CdS ACS Catalysis, 9 12 , 11341-11349

Liu, Xuan; Chi, Jingqi; Dong, Bin; Sun, Yujie 2019. Recent Progress in Decoupled H2 and O2 Production from Electrolytic Water Splitting ChemElectroChem, 6 8 , 2157-2166

Song, Fuzhan; Li, Wei; Yang, Jiaqi; Han, Guanqun; Yan, Tao; Liu, Xi; Rao, Yi; Liao, Peilin; Cao, Zhi; Sun, Yujie 2019. Interfacial Sites between Cobalt Nitride and Cobalt Act as Bifunctional Catalysts for Hydrogen Electrochemistry ACS Energy Letters, 4 7 , 1594-1601

Yan, Kaili; Sheng, Meili; Sun, Xiaodong; Song, Chang; Cao, Zhi; Sun, Yujie 2019. Microwave Synthesis of Ultrathin Nickel Hydroxide Nanosheets with Iron Incorporation for Electrocatalytic Water Oxidation ACS Applied Energy Materials, 2 3 , 1961-1968

Yang, Yang; Sun, Xiaodong; Han, Guanqun; Liu, Xi; Zhang, Xiangyu; Sun, Yongfang; Zhang, Min; Cao, Zhi; Sun, Yujie 2019. Enhanced Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Oxidation on Ni/NiO/C Derived from a Nickel-Based Metalâ??Organic Framework Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 58 31 , 10644-10649