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Photo of  Ertugrul M. Ozbudak, PhD

Ertugrul M. Ozbudak, PhD


Pediatrics | College of Medicine

  • Senior Research Associate: Stowers Institute for Medical Research
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Francis Crick Institute
  • Doctoral Degree: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Physics)
Contact Information
Research Interests

Segmentation of vertebral column; pattern formation; cell differentiation; systems biology; computational modeling

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zinani, Oriana Q H; Keseroglu, Kemal; Ay, Ahmet; Özbudak, Ertugrul M 2020. Pairing of segmentation clock genes drives robust pattern formation. Nature, ,

Keskin, Sevdenur; Simsek, M Fethullah; Vu, Ha T; Yang, Carlton; Devoto, Stephen H; Ay, Ahmet; Özbudak, Ertugrul M 2019. Regulatory Network of the Scoliosis-Associated Genes Establishes Rostrocaudal Patterning of Somites in Zebrafish. iScience, 12 , 247-259

Keskin, Sevdenur; Devakanmalai, Gnanapackiam S; Kwon, Soo Bin; Vu, Ha T; Hong, Qiyuan; Lee, Yin Yeng; Soltani, Mohammad; Singh, Abhyudai; Ay, Ahmet; Özbudak, Ertugrul M 2018. Noise in the Vertebrate Segmentation Clock Is Boosted by Time Delays but Tamed by Notch Signaling. Cell reports, 23 7, 2175-2185.e4

Simsek, M Fethullah; Özbudak, Ertugrul M 2018. Spatial Fold Change of FGF Signaling Encodes Positional Information for Segmental Determination in Zebrafish. Cell reports, 24 1, 66-78.e8

Racedo, Silvia E; Hasten, Erica; Lin, Mingyan; Devakanmalai, Gnanapackiam Sheela; Guo, Tingwei; Ozbudak, Ertugrul M; Cai, Chen-Leng; Zheng, Deyou; Morrow, Bernice E 2017. Reduced dosage of ?-catenin provides significant rescue of cardiac outflow tract anomalies in a Tbx1 conditional null mouse model of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome. PLoS genetics, 13 3, e1006687

Ay, Ahmet; Holland, Jack; Sperlea, Adriana; Devakanmalai, Gnanapackiam Sheela; Knierer, Stephan; Sangervasi, Sebastian; Stevenson, Angel; Ozbudak, Ertugrul M 2014. Spatial gradients of protein-level time delays set the pace of the traveling segmentation clock waves. Development (Cambridge, England), 141 21, 4158-67

Ay, Ahmet; Knierer, Stephan; Sperlea, Adriana; Holland, Jack; Özbudak, Ertugrul M 2013. Short-lived Her proteins drive robust synchronized oscillations in the zebrafish segmentation clock. Development (Cambridge, England), 140 15, 3244-53

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Ozbudak, Ertugrul M; Becskei, Attila; van Oudenaarden, Alexander 2005. A system of counteracting feedback loops regulates Cdc42p activity during spontaneous cell polarization. Developmental cell, 9 4, 565-71

Ozbudak, Ertugrul M; Thattai, Mukund; Lim, Han N; Shraiman, Boris I; Van Oudenaarden, Alexander 2004. Multistability in the lactose utilization network of Escherichia coli. Nature, 427 6976, 737-40

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