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Photo of  Wei-Wen Hsu, PhD

Wei-Wen Hsu, PhD

Associate Professor

Environmental & Public Health Sciences | College of Medicine

  • PhD: Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI (Statistics)
  • MBA: National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan (Statistics)
  • BB: Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan (Statistics)
Contact Information
Research Interests

- Methodologies
Two-component Mixture Models, Classification Methods for High-Dimensional Data, Longitudinal and Correlated Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Latent Class/Transition Model

- Subject Matter Applications
Cancer Research (Early Detection and Biomarker Discovery), Geriatric Research (Alzheimer's Disease), Environmental Exposure Research, Dental Caries Research, Mental Health Research

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Chun, Colin K Y; Roth, Mary; Welti, Ruth; Richards, Mark P; Hsu, Wei-Wen; O 2023. Exploring the potential effect of phospholipase A2 antibody to extend beef shelf-life in a beef liposome model system. Meat science, 198 , 109091

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