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Joan Garrett

Assoc Professor

Associate Professor

  • PhD: Ohio State University (Chemistry)
  • BA: Ohio University (Chemistry)
  • BS: Ohio University (Computer Science)
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Research Interests

Mechanisms of mutant HER3 signaling in breast cancer
ERBB3, the gene encoding HER3, is mutated in ~2% of breast cancers and other epithelial cancers. This represents approximately 28,000 patients with newly diagnosed cancers each year in the United States.  HER3 is an important molecule in estrogen receptor (ER)+ breast cancers, which accounts for about 80% of all breast cancers. HER3 mRNA is highest in ER+ or luminal tumors. About 20% of all breast c...

Peer Reviewed Publications

Mishra, Rosalin; Patel, Hima; Alanazi, Samar; Kilroy, Mary Kate; Garrett, Joan T 2021. PI3K Inhibitors in Cancer: Clinical Implications and Adverse Effects. International journal of molecular sciences, 22 7,

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Patel, Hima; Mishra, Rosalin; Yacoub, Nour; Alanazi, Samar; Kilroy, Mary Kate; Garrett, Joan T 2021. IGF1R/IR Mediates Resistance to BRAF and MEK Inhibitors in BRAF-Mutant Melanoma. Cancers, 13 22,

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Yuan, Long; Mishra, Rosalin; Patel, Hima; Alanazi, Samar; Wei, Xin; Ma, Zhijun; Garrett, Joan T 2020. BRAF Mutant Melanoma Adjusts to BRAF/MEK Inhibitors via Dependence on Increased Antioxidant SOD2 and Increased Reactive Oxygen Species Levels. Cancers, 12 6,

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