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Safety Pharmacology

Drug safety, sometimes also referred to as Safety Pharmacology or Pharmacovigilance, is a critical pre-clinical step in the drug development process. As new chemical entities (NCE) and biologic molecules are discovered, it is important to assure that these drugs do not cause any adverse "off-target" effects. Each new drug must be assessed for its impact on critical organ systems (e.g. central nervous system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system) at therapeutic doses. These studies, defined as "safety pharmacology studies", are required by the FDA before a new drug is permitted to progress in the drug development process (e.g. clinical trials). Pharmacologists and Safety Pharmacologists play a vital role in the process of discovery and pre-clinical development of effective and safe drugs. Our program provides training in several areas of pre-clinical drug safety by exploring Principles of Safety Pharmacology along with Pre-Clinical Good Laboratory Practices.

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