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Photo of Liang Niu

Liang Niu

Associate Professor

Environmental & Public Health Sciences | College of Medicine

  • Fellowship : National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences ( Research Fellow)
  • Doctoral Degree: Ohio State University (Biostatistics)
  • Doctoral Degree: Ohio State University (Mathematics)
  • Master's Degree: Peking University (Mathematics)
  • Bachelor's Degree: Hubei University (Mathematics)
Contact Information
Research Interests

1) Statistical bioinformatics (methodology): RNA-Seq, ChIA-PET, methylation array and PacBio sequencing; 2) Statistical bioinformatics (consulting): data analysis for RNA-Seq, ChIA-PET, methylation array, and mass spectrometry; 3) Biostatistical consulting: study planning and design, power calculations, and statistical modeling and analysis; 4) Data mining of public domain omics datasets (such as TCGA datasets).

Peer Reviewed Publications

Conrey, Shannon C; Burrell, Allison R; Brokamp, Cole; Burke, Rachel M; Couch, Sarah C; Niu, Liang; Mattison, Claire P; Piasecki, Alexandra; Payne, Daniel C; Staat, Mary A; Morrow, Ardythe L 2022. Neighbourhood socio-economic environment predicts adiposity and obesity risk in children under two. Pediatric obesity, 17 12, e12964

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Sprague, Alexander C; Niu, Liang; Jandarov, Roman; Zhang, Xiang; Zhang, Ge; Chen, Aimin; Šarac, Jelena; Čoklo, Miran; Missoni, Sasa; Rudan, Pavao; Langevin, Scott M; Deka, Ranjan 2022. Stable methylation loci are associated with systolic blood pressure in a Croatian island population. Epigenomics, 14 21, 1343-1354

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