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Photo of  Kevin E. Bove, MD

Kevin E. Bove, MD


Pathology & Laboratory Medicine | College of Medicine

  • Residency: UC Health University Hospital (Cincinnati General Hospital) (Pathology)
  • Medical Degree: State University of New York
Contact Information
Research Interests

 Neuromuscular disease, childhood tumors, childhood liver disease

Peer Reviewed Publications

Leslie, Nancy; Wang, Xinjian; Peng, Yanyan; Valencia, C Alexander; Khuchua, Zaza; Hata, Jessica; Witte, David; Huang, Taosheng; Bove, Kevin E 2016. Neonatal multiorgan failure due to ACAD9 mutation and complex I deficiency with mitochondrial hyperplasia in liver, cardiac myocytes, skeletal muscle, and renal tubules. Human pathology, 49 , 27-32

Grant S. Schulert MD; Kevin Bove; Richard McMasters, Kathleen Campbell; Nancy Leslie; Alexei A. Grom 2015. 11-month old infant with periodic fevers, recurrent liver dysfunction and Perforin gene polymorphism Arthritis Care Research , 67:1173-9 ,

Varsani, Hemlata; Charman, Susan C; Li, Charles K; Marie, Suely K N; Amato, Anthony A; Banwell, Brenda; Bove, Kevin E; Corse, Andrea M; Emslie-Smith, Alison M; Jacques, Thomas S; Lundberg, Ingrid E; Minetti, Carlo; Nennesmo, Inger; Rushing, Elisabeth J; Sallum, Adriana M E; Sewry, Caroline; Pilkington, Clarissa A; Holton, Janice L; Wedderburn, Lucy R 2015. Validation of a score tool for measurement of histological severity in juvenile dermatomyositis and association with clinical severity of disease. Annals of the rheumatic diseases, 74 1, 204-10

Gupta, Anita; Sheridan, Rachel M; Towbin, Alexander; Geller, James I; Tiao, Gregory; Bove, Kevin E 2013. Multifocal hepatic neoplasia in 3 children with APC gene mutation. The American journal of surgical pathology, 37 7, 1058-66

Setchell, Kenneth D R; Heubi, James E; Shah, Sohela; Lavine, Joel E; Suskind, David; Al-Edreesi, Mohammed; Potter, Carol; Russell, David W; O'Connell, Nancy C; Wolfe, Brian; Jha, Pinky; Zhang, Wujuan; Bove, Kevin E; Knisely, Alex S; Hofmann, Alan F; Rosenthal, Philip; Bull, Laura N 2013. Genetic defects in bile acid conjugation cause fat-soluble vitamin deficiency. Gastroenterology, 144 5, 945-955.e6; quiz e14

Miles, Lili; Miles, Michael V; Horn, Paul S; Degrauw, Ton J; Wong, Brenda L; Bove, Kevin E 2012. Importance of muscle light microscopic mitochondrial subsarcolemmal aggregates in the diagnosis of respiratory chain deficiency. Human pathology, 43 8, 1249-57

Sheridan, Rachel M; Gupta, Anita; Miethke, Alexander; Knisely, Alexander S; Bove, Kevin E 2012. Multiple dysplastic liver nodules in PFIC2 underscore risk for neoplasia associated with functional BSEP deficiency. The American journal of surgical pathology, 36 5, 785-6

Ladd, Patricia E; Emery, Kathleen H; Salisbury, Shelia R; Laor, Tal; Lovell, Daniel J; Bove, Kevin E 2011. Juvenile dermatomyositis: correlation of MRI at presentation with clinical outcome. AJR. American journal of roentgenology, 197 1, W153-8

Runyan, Christopher M; Jones, Donna C; Bove, Kevin E; Maercks, Rian A; Simpson, David S; Taylor, Jesse A 2010. Porcine allograft mandible revitalization using autologous adipose-derived stem cells, bone morphogenetic protein-2, and periosteum. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, 125 5, 1372-82

Warren, Mikako; Kaul, Ajay; Bove, Kevin E . Calretinin-Immunoreactive Hypoinnervation in Down Syndrome (DS): Report of an Infant with Very Short-Segment Hirschsprung Disease and Comparison to Biopsy Findings in 20 Normal Infants and 11 Infants with DS and Chronic Constipation. Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society, 19 2, 87-93

Weaver, K Nicole; Wang, Dehua; Cnota, James; Gardner, Nicholas; Stabley, Deborah; Sol-Church, Katia; Gripp, Karen W; Witte, David P; Bove, Kevin E; Hopkin, Robert J . Early-lethal Costello syndrome due to rare HRAS Tandem Base substitution (c.35_36GC>AA; p.G12E)-associated pulmonary vascular disease. Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society, 17 6, 421-30

Yin, Hong; Boyd, Todd; Pacheco, M Cristina; Schonfeld, David; Bove, Kevin E . Rectal biopsy in children with Down syndrome and chronic constipation: Hirschsprung disease vs non-hirschsprung disease. Pediatric and developmental pathology : the official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society, 15 2, 87-95