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Physician and Society 101 - 102 Service-Learning Experience

Photo collage of 2019 Physician and Society Student Poster Session

University of Cincinnati College of Medicine first-year medical students will participate in a Physician and Society course that is designed to provide an opportunity for students to learn more about the social determinants of health of the Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods, and explore the roles of the physician, teams and community in improving health. The main goal for students is to gain knowledge on social determinants of health of patients and communities, by working collaboratively throughout the year with a local community organization.

Our community partners for this Service-Learning experience represent our community’s public health and social service safety-net providers. In service-learning, the goal is to not only meet the community partner’s objectives but the students’ learning objectives as well. To achieve this, each student group project may look different based on the needs of the community/community partner. Some projects may be more program assessment /exploring a question while others may be more program implementation. The goal is that the student partnerships with the community will build capacity from year to year and offer opportunities for sustainability so that students and community partners can build on their work within the community.There are fifteen community partners for students to choose from, some of which are more closely tied to the neighborhood they are in, and some that serve the broader community.  The groups work with their chosen community partner to implement a program improvement or health promotion intervention.

Student’s begin collaborating with a community partner during the introductory block each August and work in conjunction with them throughout the academic year. During the fall semester, students engage in opportunities to learn more about their community partner and the communities they serve in order to develop community focused projects. During the spring semester, students collaborate more intimately with their community partner and community members to implement their project idea and provide suggestions for a health improvement or intervention. The Physician and Society M1 course concludes a special day on site where students share their experiences and final projects with the UCCOM broader community and community partners.

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