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Photo of  Amanda M. Pugh, MD

Amanda M. Pugh, MD

Clinical Instructor

Chief Resident in General Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Bachelor's Degree: East Carolina University
  • Medical Degree: East Carolina University
  • Fellowship: University of Cincinnati
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Baker, Jennifer E; Niziolek, Grace M; Elson, Nora C; Pugh, Amanda M; Nomellini, Vanessa; Makley, Amy T; Pritts, Timothy A; Goodman, Michael D 2019. Optimizing Lower Extremity Duplex Ultrasound Screening After Traumatic Injury. The Journal of surgical research, 243 , 143-150

Martin, Grace E; Pugh, Amanda M; Moran, Ryan; Veile, Rose; Friend, Lou Ann; Pritts, Timothy A; Makley, Amy T; Caldwell, Charles C; Goodman, Michael D 2019. Microvesicles generated following traumatic brain injury induce platelet dysfunction via adenosine diphosphate receptor. The journal of trauma and acute care surgery, 86 4, 592-600

Xia, Brent T; Beckmann, Nadine; Winer, Leah K; Pugh, Amanda M; Pritts, Timothy A; Nomellini, Vanessa; Gulbins, Erich; Caldwell, Charles C 2019. Amitriptyline Reduces Inflammation and Mortality in a Murine Model of Sepsis. Cellular physiology and biochemistry : international journal of experimental cellular physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, 52 3, 565-579

Beckmann, Nadine; Pugh, Amanda M; Caldwell, Charles C 2018. Burn injury alters the intestinal microbiome's taxonomic composition and functional gene expression. PloS one, 13 10, e0205307

Pugh, Amanda M; Giannini, Courtney M; Pinney, Susan M; Hanseman, Dennis J; Shaughnessy, Elizabeth A; Lewis, Jaime D 2018. Characteristics and diagnosis of pregnancy and lactation associated breast cancer: Analysis of a self-reported regional registry. American journal of surgery, 216 4, 809-812

Mu, Xingjiang; Wang, Xiaohong; Huang, Wei; Wang, Rui-Tao; Essandoh, Kobina; Li, Yutian; Pugh, Amanda M; Peng, Jiangtong; Deng, Shan; Wang, Yigang; Caldwell, Charles C; Peng, Tianqing; Yu, Kai-Jiang; Fan, Guo-Chang 2017. Circulating Exosomes Isolated from Septic Mice Induce Cardiovascular Hyperpermeability Through Promoting Podosome Cluster Formation. Shock (Augusta, Ga.), ,

Pugh, Amanda M; Auteri, Nicholas J; Goetzman, Holly S; Caldwell, Charles C; Nomellini, Vanessa 2017. A Murine Model of Persistent Inflammation, Immune Suppression, and Catabolism Syndrome. International journal of molecular sciences, 18 8,

Rice, Teresa C; Pugh, Amanda M; Caldwell, Charles C; Schneider, Barbara St Pierre 2017. Balance Between the Proinflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Immune Responses with Blood Transfusion in Sepsis. Critical care nursing clinics of North America, 29 3, 331-340

Rice, Teresa C; Pugh, Amanda M; Seitz, Aaron P; Gulbins, Erich; Nomellini, Vanessa; Caldwell, Charles C 2017. Sphingosine rescues aged mice from pulmonary pseudomonas infection. The Journal of surgical research, 219 , 354-359

Rice, Teresa C; Pugh, Amanda M; Xia, Brent T; Seitz, Aaron P; Whitacre, Brynne E; Gulbins, Erich; Caldwell, Charles C 2017. Bronchoalveolar Lavage Microvesicles Protect Burn-Injured Mice from Pulmonary Infection. Journal of the American College of Surgeons, 225 4, 538-547

Satterwhite, Jennifer E; Pugh, Amanda M; Danell, Allison S; Hvastkovs, Eli G 2011. Electrochemical detection of anti-benzo[a]pyrene diol epoxide DNA damage on TP53 codon 273 oligomers. Analytical chemistry, 83 9, 3327-35

Pugh AM, Silvestri BA, Ward MA, Whited WM, Capehart AA 2010. Unusual bilateral muscular variation in the medial forearm: Separate humeral and ulnar bellies of flexor carpi ulnaris and anomalous muscle addition Anatomy: International Journal of Experimental & Clinical Anatomy, 4 , 67-71

Martin G.;Pugh A.;Williams S.;Hanseman D.;Nomellini V.;Makley A.;Pritts T.;Goodman M. 03-01-2019. Lower Extremity Duplex Ultrasound Screening Protocol for Moderate and High Risk Trauma Patients Journal of Surgical Research, 235 , 280-287

Abstract Publications

Pugh AM, Brewer KL, Brown CK, Radecki RP 2010. 472: A previously validated risk score for late troponin elevation derived from TIMI IIIb and GUSTO IIa was not predictive when applied to a low-risk emergency department cohort Annals of Emergency Medicine, 56 3, S153