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Photo of  Jennifer E. Baker, MD

Jennifer E. Baker, MD

Clinical Instructor

Resident in General Surgery

Surgery | College of Medicine

  • FellowShip: University of Cincinnati
  • Bachelor's Degree: Washington & Jefferson College
  • Medical Degree: Thomas Jefferson University
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Baker, Jennifer E; Niziolek, Grace M; Elson, Nora C; Pugh, Amanda M; Nomellini, Vanessa; Makley, Amy T; Pritts, Timothy A; Goodman, Michael D 2019. Optimizing Lower Extremity Duplex Ultrasound Screening After Traumatic Injury. The Journal of surgical research, 243 , 143-150

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Baker, Jennifer E; Martin, Grace E; Katsaros, Gianna; Lewis, Hannah V; Wakefield, Connor J; Josephs, Sean A; Nomellini, Vanessa; Makley, Amy T; Goodman, Michael D 2018. Variability of fluid administration during exploratory laparotomy for abdominal trauma. Trauma surgery & acute care open, 3 1, e000240

Jung, Andrew D; Baker, Jennifer; Droege, Christopher A; Nomellini, Vanessa; Johannigman, Jay; Holcomb, John B; Goodman, Michael D; Pritts, Timothy A 2018. Sooner is better: use of a real-time automated bedside dashboard improves sepsis care. The Journal of surgical research, 231 , 373-379

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Baker, Jennifer E; Boudreau, Ryan M; Seitz, Aaron P; Caldwell, Charles C; Gulbins, Erich; Edwards, Michael J . Sphingolipids and Innate Immunity: A New Approach to Infection in the Post-Antibiotic Era? Surgical infections, 19 8, 792-803