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Diagnostic Radiology Fund

The University of Cincinnati Department of Radiology Fund was established in 1964 with a gift from the Estate of Thomas E. Hughes, a long-time employee of the Department. Funds from the endowment were designated to be used for miscellaneous purposes within the department.

Thomas E. Hughes had a sixth grade education. He ran away from his Winnipeg home at an early age, took menial jobs and eventually wound up in Cincinnati. He obtained a job as an orderly at the Cincinnati General Hospital in the early 1920s. He was transferred to the Radiology department a short time later where he was employed until his retirement in the early 1960s. His final job was that of an attendant.

In a letter to UC Vice President Ralph Burseik, Harold G. Reineke, M.D. stated that Mr. Hughes was considered “the most valuable employee in the department.” According to Dr. Reineke, a UC Radiologist, Mr. Hughes was “doing everything in the place except the medical work.”

Mr. Hughes thought so highly of the people, the institution and the department he worked for that he gave his life savings to the department.

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