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Photo of Matilda Valianou

Matilda Valianou

Sr Research Assistant

Pharmacology & Systems Physiology | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Valianou, Matthildi; Filippidou, Natalia; Johnson, Daniel L; Vogel, Peter; Zhang, Erik Y; Liu, Xiaolei; Lu, Yiyang; Yu, Jane J; Bissler, John J; Astrinidis, Aristotelis 2019. Rapalog resistance is associated with mesenchymal-type changes in Tsc2-null cells. Scientific reports, 9 1, 3015

Valianou, Matthildi; Cox, Andrew M; Pichette, Benjamin; Hartley, Shannon; Paladhi, Unmesha Roy; Astrinidis, Aristotelis 2015. Pharmacological inhibition of Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) by BI-2536 decreases the viability and survival of hamartin and tuberin deficient cells via induction of apoptosis and attenuation of autophagy. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), 14 3, 399-407

Zhang, Jiping; Valianou, Matthildi; Simmons, Heidi; Robinson, Matthew K; Lee, Hyung-Ok; Mullins, Stefanie R; Marasco, Wayne A; Adams, Gregory P; Weiner, Louis M; Cheng, Jonathan D 2013. Identification of inhibitory scFv antibodies targeting fibroblast activation protein utilizing phage display functional screens. FASEB journal : official publication of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, 27 2, 581-9

Lee, Hyung-Ok; Mullins, Stefanie R; Franco-Barraza, Janusz; Valianou, Matthildi; Cukierman, Edna; Cheng, Jonathan D 2011. FAP-overexpressing fibroblasts produce an extracellular matrix that enhances invasive velocity and directionality of pancreatic cancer cells. BMC cancer, 11 , 245

Zhang, Jiping; Valianou, Matthildi; Cheng, Jonathan D 2010. Identification and characterization of the promoter of fibroblast activation protein. Frontiers in bioscience (Elite edition), 2 , 1154-63

Castelló-Cros, Remedios; Khan, David R; Simons, Jeffrey; Valianou, Matthildi; Cukierman, Edna 2009. Staged stromal extracellular 3D matrices differentially regulate breast cancer cell responses through PI3K and beta1-integrins. BMC cancer, 9 , 94

Quiros, Roderick M; Valianou, Matthildi; Kwon, Youngjoo; Brown, Kimberly M; Godwin, Andrew K; Cukierman, Edna 2008. Ovarian normal and tumor-associated fibroblasts retain in vivo stromal characteristics in a 3-D matrix-dependent manner. Gynecologic oncology, 110 1, 99-109

Cheng, Jonathan D; Valianou, Matthildi; Canutescu, Adrian A; Jaffe, Eileen K; Lee, Hyung-Ok; Wang, Hao; Lai, Jack H; Bachovchin, William W; Weiner, Louis M 2005. Abrogation of fibroblast activation protein enzymatic activity attenuates tumor growth. Molecular cancer therapeutics, 4 3, 351-60

Cheng, Jonathan D; Dunbrack, Roland L; Valianou, Matthildi; Rogatko, André; Alpaugh, R Katherine; Weiner, Louis M 2002. Promotion of tumor growth by murine fibroblast activation protein, a serine protease, in an animal model. Cancer research, 62 16, 4767-72

Valianou, M G; Kouvatsi, A; Hassapopoulou-Matamis, H; Astrinidis, A; Triantaphyllidis, C 1999. Heterogeneity of four beta-thalassemia mutations in Greece. Hemoglobin, 23 1, 79-82