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Photo of Joyce E. Sorrell

Joyce E. Sorrell

Principal Research Asst

Pharmacology & Systems Physiology | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Chambers, Adam P; Sorrell, Joyce E; Haller, April; Roelofs, Karen; Hutch, Chelsea R; Kim, Ki-Suk; Gutierrez-Aguilar, Ruth; Li, Bailing; Drucker, Daniel J; D'Alessio, David A; Seeley, Randy J; Sandoval, Darleen A 2017. The Role of Pancreatic Preproglucagon in Glucose Homeostasis in Mice. Cell metabolism, 25 4, 927-934.e3

Grayson, Bernadette E; Gutierrez-Aguilar, Ruth; Sorrell, Joyce E; Matter, Emily K; Adams, Michelle R; Howles, Philip; Karns, Rebekah; Seeley, Randy J; Sandoval, Darleen A 2017. Bariatric surgery emphasizes biological sex differences in rodent hepatic lipid handling. Biology of sex differences, 8 , 4

Kulkarni, Bhushan V; LaSance, Kathleen; Sorrell, Joyce E; Lemen, Lisa; Woods, Stephen C; Seeley, Randy J; Sandoval, Darleen 2016. The role of proximal versus distal stomach resection in the weight loss seen after vertical sleeve gastrectomy. American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology, 311 5, R979-R987

Chambers, Adam P; Jessen, Lene; Ryan, Karen K; Sisley, Stephanie; Wilson-Pérez, Hilary E; Stefater, Margaret A; Gaitonde, Shrawan G; Sorrell, Joyce E; Toure, Mouhamadoul; Berger, Jose; D'Alessio, David A; Woods, Stephen C; Seeley, Randy J; Sandoval, Darleen A 2011. Weight-independent changes in blood glucose homeostasis after gastric bypass or vertical sleeve gastrectomy in rats. Gastroenterology, 141 3, 950-8

Chambers, Adam P; Stefater, Margaret A; Wilson-Perez, Hilary E; Jessen, Lene; Sisley, Stephanie; Ryan, Karen K; Gaitonde, Shrawan; Sorrell, Joyce E; Toure, Mouhamadoul; Berger, José; D'Alessio, David A; Sandoval, Darleen A; Seeley, Randy J; Woods, Stephen C 2011. Similar effects of roux-en-Y gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy on glucose regulation in rats. Physiology & behavior, 105 1, 120-3

Ryan, Karen K; Haller, April M; Sorrell, Joyce E; Woods, Stephen C; Jandacek, Ronald J; Seeley, Randy J 2010. Perinatal exposure to bisphenol-a and the development of metabolic syndrome in CD-1 mice. Endocrinology, 151 6, 2603-12

Shi, Haifei; Sorrell, Joyce E; Clegg, Deborah J; Woods, Stephen C; Seeley, Randy J 2010. The roles of leptin receptors on POMC neurons in the regulation of sex-specific energy homeostasis. Physiology & behavior, 100 2, 165-72

Shi, Haifei; Strader, April D; Sorrell, Joyce E; Chambers, James B; Woods, Stephen C; Seeley, Randy J 2008. Sexually different actions of leptin in proopiomelanocortin neurons to regulate glucose homeostasis. American journal of physiology. Endocrinology and metabolism, 294 3, E630-9

Duncan, Elizabeth A; Sorrell, Joyce E; Adamantidis, Antoine; Rider, Therese; Jandacek, Ronald J; Seeley, Randy J; Lakaye, Bernard; Woods, Stephen C 2007. Alcohol drinking in MCH receptor-1-deficient mice. Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, 31 8, 1325-37

Poole, C J M; Bass, C M; Sorrell, J E; Thompson, M E; Harrison, J R; Archer, A D 2005. Ill-health retirement: national rates and updated guidance for occupational physicians. Occupational medicine (Oxford, England), 55 5, 345-8