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Photo of Corbin R. Azucenas

Corbin R. Azucenas

Graduate Assistant

Pharmacology & Systems Physiology | College of Medicine

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Peer Reviewed Publications

Azucenas, Corbin R; Ruwe, T Alex; Bonamer, John P; Qiao, Bo; Ganz, Tomas; Jormakka, Mika; Nemeth, Elizabeta; Mackenzie, Bryan 2023. Comparative analysis of the functional properties of human and mouse ferroportin. American journal of physiology. Cell physiology, ,

Deshpande, Chandrika N; Azucenas, Corbin R; Qiao, Bo; Nomura, Norimichi; Xin, Vicky; Font, Josep; Iwata, So; Ganz, Tomas; Nemeth, Elizabeta; Mackenzie, Bryan; Jormakka, Mika 2021. Isolation and thermal stabilization of mouse ferroportin. FEBS open bio, 11 1, 26-34