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Meet the Zimmermann lab

two researchers operate a machineCurrent members

Immaculeta Osuji, MS, graduate student. Immaculeta graduated with a Master of Science Chemistry (Biochemistry option) degree from the California State University, Los Angeles. She's currently pursuing doctoral studies in the Pharmacology and Systems Physiology department here at UC. Prior to that, she worked at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center as a Research Assistant in the lab of Dr. Alexander Miethke. As RA, she contributed to research work in Autoimmune liver diseases. She enjoyed the translational nature of the research work there collaborating with clinicians and working with clinical samples as well as animal models. Following her recruitment into the UC PhD Pharmacology program she decided to challenge herself to take on a new field of medical research to expand and diversify her knowledge and skills set. She joined Zimmermann lab in January 2021, "The Zimmermann lab was a perfect fit for me as it also is a translational research lab like my previous lab" Imma says when asked. "More importantly though, the lab's focus on cardiovascular science was a major factor in my choice. Diseases of the heart have been a longstanding interest of mine since high school when I learned of their prevalence in the African American ethnic group", she concludes. As a Graduate Assistant, she approaches her current research with enthusiasm, diligence and a sense of responsibility and pride in contributing to efforts at understanding a heart disease - its causes, and potential biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment. Though in the early stages of her studies her future career goals are set on the fields of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and Public Health Research. Outside the lab and science, she likes to engage in outdoor activities such as playing soccer, tennis, hiking and water sports. A little fun fact about Imma, she completed the 2014 LA Marathon.

Haley Todd, BS, research assistant. Haley joined the lab in June 2021 after graduating with honors from Bellarmine University with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Since high school, she has been fascinated with understanding the mechanisms behind cellular function and loves gathering data to create a better picture of how the body works. She is excited to gain more experience in an academic research lab setting before eventually pursuing a graduate degree. In her free time, she enjoys exploring local coffee shops and restaurants, and has recently discovered a love for Cross Fit.

Past members

Clinical fellows

Ann Collier MD, 2005-2008, current position: Assistant professor, Duke University School of Medicine

Postdoctoral fellows

Gen Kano, MD, PhD, 2010-2013, current position: Assistant professor, Kyoto University of Medicine

Xiang Zhu, MD, PhD, 2010-2016, current position: pathology resident, University of Cincinnati

Graduate students

Leah Kottyan, PhD, 2006-2010, current position: Assistant professor, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Research assistants

Laura Kindinger, 2001-2003, moved on to nursing school

Amy Hajek, 2003-2005, moved on to veterinary school, currently a veterinarian in Illinois

Katie Niese, 2005-2010

Khanh Cao, 2007-2009, moved on to medical school, now an emergency medicine physician

Eucabeth Mose, 2010-2012, moved on to medical school, now a dermatology resident at Mayo Clinic


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