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UC Voice Consortium

Patient with test padsThe University of Cincinnati Voice Consortium (UCVC) is an integrated multidisciplinary center of excellence for voice disorders, voice performance, voice education, and voice science.

UCVC provides clinical care, public awareness, education and training, and research. Our vision is to be internationally recognized as a center of excellence in voice for the purpose of benefiting the clinicians, educators, researchers, and students… but most of all, those we serve.

Clinical Care

By increasing interaction, collaboration and referrals within and between the institution and the community, we strive to enhance the effectiveness and outcome of:

  • Medical Treatment
  • Surgical Intervention
  • Rehabilitative Services
  • Professional (occupational and performance) Voice Training


Through interdisciplinary interaction, we develop relevant research questions and obtain internal and external funding to:

  • Obtain a better understanding normal vocal function, phonatory theory, and voice disorders across the lifespan,
  • Develop more effective diagnostic procedures, and
  • Develop effective interventions (medical, surgical, pharmacological, and behavioral) to regain vocal health.

Education and Training of Professionals

We increase opportunities for cross disciplinary education and advanced training of students and voice professionals, including those in:

  • Laryngology
  • Voice Pathology
  • Performance Voice
  • Voice Science

Education Resources

Training and Performance

Public Awareness

We educate individuals and groups who are at risk for occupational, elite performance and health related voice problems across the lifespan about the need for vocal hygiene and the treatment of voice disorders. This is done through educational materials, a website and workshops.

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