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Photo of  Kattia F. Moreno Giraldo

Kattia F. Moreno Giraldo

Research Assistant

Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery | College of Medicine

  • Residency: San Fernando Medical School ( Head, Neck and Maxillofacial Surgery )
  • : San Fernando Medical School
  • Internship: Guillermo Almenara National Hospital
Contact Information

Peer Reviewed Publications

Moreno K.;Cornelius R.;Lucas F.;Meinzen-Derr J.;Patil Y. 09-01-2017. Using 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging in the pre-operative evaluation of tongue carcinoma Journal of Laryngology and Otology, 131 9, 793-800

Moreno K.;Khabbaz E.;Gaitonde K.;Meinzen-Derr J.;Wilson K.;Patil Y. 07-01-2012. Sexuality after treatment of head and neck cancer: Findings based on modification of sexual adjustme Laryngoscope, 122 7, 1526-1531

Adam S.I.;Wilson K.M.;Overholser S.M.;Khabbaz E.;Moreno K.;Patil Y.J. 02-01-2012. Are laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma incidence and patient mortality a function of ABO blood groupi Journal of Laryngology and Otology, 126 2, 180-184