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The REI fellowship program has a strong track record for producing top-caliber medical specialists. The following is where our alumni are now practicing:

Cynthia Sites, MD
Division and Fellowship Director
University of Alabama, Birmingham

Deborah Sportiello, MD
Milwaukee, WI
Private Practice

Minoos Hosseinzadeh, MD
Boston, MA
Private Practice

Michael Lydic, MD
Assistant Professor
SUNY Stoneybrook

Dan Levine, MD
Private Practice
New York City, NY

Krystene DiPaola, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati

Alan Martinez, MD
Private Practice
New Jersey

Mark Nixon, MD
Private Practice

Michael Scheiber, MD
Cincinnati, OH
Private Practice

Willie Zoma, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Texas, Galveston

Jared Robins, MD
Assistant Professor
Brown University

Julie Sroga, MD
Assistant Professor
University of Cincinnati

Ilana Ressler, MD
Private Practice
New York City, NY

April Batcheller, MD
Private Practice

As Division Director

Michael Zinger, MD
Chicago, IL
Private Practice
Thesis: Prolactin Receptor Expression in Breast Cancer Cells
Mentor: Nira Ben-Jonathan, PhD

James Lin, MD
Irvine, CA
Private Practice
Thesis: FSH Receptor Mutations
Mentor: Andrew LaBarbera, PhD

Paul Robb, MD
Assistant Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin
Thesis: Serotonin Receptor Expression in Breast Cancer Cells
Mentor: Nelson Horseman, PhD

Kenneth Moghadam, MD
Private Practice
Instructor, Indiana University
Thesis: Cannabinoid Expression in Endometrium
Mentor: Stuart Handwerger, MD

Diana Wu, MD
Portland, OR
Thesis: Molecular action of sperm exposed to PFOA and Bisphenol-A
Mentor: Shuk-Mei Ho, PhD

Ghassan Haddad, MD
Private Practice
Houston, TX
Thesis: The effect of GLUT-1 during fetal programming.
Mentor: Anil Menon, PhD

Betsy McCormick, MD
Private Practice
Tampa, FL
Thesis: Interaction of Serotonin between the Breast and Brain
Mentor: Nelson Horseman, PhD

Christopher Montville, MD
Private Practice
Billing Clinic
Billings, MT
Thesis: Endometrial cellular changes in patients with PCOS
Mentor: Suk-Mei Ho, PhD

Stephanie Dahl, MD
Assistant Professor
University of North Dakota Medical Center
SREI/University of Pennsylvania T-32 Training Grant Recipient
Thesis: Effect of Progesterone and Opioids on the GnRH Receptor in the Human Brain Tissue
Mentor: Michael Lehman, PhD

Mandy Winkler
Director of OBGYN Educational Activities, Program Manager, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility
UC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
PO Box 670526
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0526

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